2016 Primary Binder Covers

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I really wasn’t planning on making these this year but it came time for me to get binders ready for my primary board and I couldn’t adapt anything out there to our needs.  And after spending a few hours trying I thought “forget this” and just made some from scratch.  There are a lot of great designs out there but they don’t want you to alter them or you need to purchase them.  As far as mine: have at it!  Edit them to your hearts desire!  Make them work for YOUR primary.

primary binder covers exampleI made these to coordinate with the sharing time assignment cards I put out a little while back.   Just download one or all of the versions below, open in a photo editing software (like picasa or picmonkey) and add the text you want.  I even left one version blank so you can make it work for you.  If you aren’t computer savvy you could even just print them out and write in the class names.
2016 primary binder covers free printable
Download your 2016 primary binder covers with the buttons below, happy planning for 2016!

[ddownload id=”432″ text=”BLANK VERSION”] [ddownload id=”430″ text=”1st Counselor”] [ddownload id=”431″ text=”2nd Counselor”] [ddownload id=”433″ text=”Chorister”] [ddownload id=”434″ text=”CTR 4″] [ddownload id=”435″ text=”CTR 5″] [ddownload id=”436″ text=”CTR 6″] [ddownload id=”437″ text=”CTR 7″] [ddownload id=”438″ text=”Nursery”] [ddownload id=”439″ text=”Pianist”] [ddownload id=”440″ text=”President”] [ddownload id=”441″ text=”Secretary”] [ddownload id=”442″ text=”Sunbeams”] [ddownload id=”443″ text=”Valiant 8″] [ddownload id=”444″ text=”Valiant 9″] [ddownload id=”445″ text=”Valiant 10″] [ddownload id=”446″ text=”Valiant 11″]

PHEW!!!  I think I got them all??  If you are in the market for binders I like to get the 1/2 inch size for my primary teachers with the clear pouch cover.  Amazon is running a pretty great deal on a 6 pack right now.  

UPDATE:  I know have some coordinating bulletin board printables as well.

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If you head over to Life’s Journey to Perfection she has a lot of great printables for the new year as well!



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  1. Mansions in heaven for you, my dear! I have one day to prep everything for next year- you’ve saved my life!

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