2016 Primary Bulletin Board Ideas & Printables

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So if you are a procrastinator like me (I prefer the term “otherwise occupied”) and don’t have your bulletin board done for 2016 yet, here are some ideas and printables.  Really you could use these anywhere around your primary room.

So I LOVED the idea to get engineering prints (so they are super big.. and cheap) from the Mormon Home.  In fact, her engineering monthly theme posters are pretty dang awesome.  I also loved the idea the primary in my old ward (good old Desert Willow Ward!) used several years back where they would ask all the primary kids as they came in each Sunday to “give me 5”.  As the kids filtered in they would give each of them a high five which would be their reminder to add a sticker to the chart if the had read their scriptures at least 5 times that week.  We are thinking of taking our primary kids to the temple for an afternoon picnic/tour of the grounds if they can fill the chart with stickers.  So I set out to make a temple shaped scripture chart.  Of course a “popcorn party” or many other bribes…ahem… I mean AWARDS! INCENTIVES! could be used.

free printable scripture reading chart

I made three versions- so just pick the one that works better for your primary. These are intended to be printed as an 18X24 engineering print.  That will run you about $1.50 in B&W or $3 in color from staples.  Then you can stick it on your bulletin board or put it on the door to the primary room so they can do it as they come in.  I think these stickers would be cute to use.  Then when they fill it up, just print another out and they can start earning another reward.

free printable scripture reading chart

scripture reading chart free printabledownload here button

I also made a quick banner to put at the top of our bulletin board with the years theme: I know the scriptures are true.  This banner (and my temple chart) were made to coordinate with my binder covers & sharing time assignment cards.

free printable i know the scriptures are true bannerfree printable "iknow the scriptures are true" banner

Download your 2016 primary bulletin board free printables below:

download here button

And I saw some SUPER cute ideas on how to utilize the scripture hero cards that will be in the friend this year on the Primary Presidency Facebook page.  A genius gal Stephanie shared that they will be giving the children a clue each week and then on the 4th week have someone come in dressed like the super hero.  I LOVE this idea- and I think we will put our clues in our primary mailbox.  She also made her bulletin board along this scripture hero theme and I made some printables to go along with the idea:

superman S scripture hero banner free printable for primary

The latter is meant to be printed on 2 sheets of regular 8.5X11 paper as a banner.

search and ponder signs scripture hero free printables

download here button


I’ll try to get a picture of our bulletin board up, ya know, when I actually go over to the church and get it up 😉  Good luck getting everything ready ladies!  I know it can be overwhelming (or is it just me??).  Happy New Year!!

UPDATE: see our finished board and even more free printables here.


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  1. Thank you for the scripture power tracker. These are great to use with my kids to encourage scripture reading at home!

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