2017 Primary Program Invitation

 I know its only August! But that means primary programs are only a month or three away! This is about the time each year I sit down to write the program. If you are looking for tips and a guide to help you write yours be sure to check out my scripts from 2015 and 2016.  I have some fun ideas on there including how to get through the rehearsals and a letter you can download to send home with the families in preparation for the program.
Every year for our primary program we like to give each primary child 2 invitations.  With the invitations we give the challenge that they use at least one of the invitations to invite a non-member.  This can be a friend, teacher, coach, neighbor, cousin- whatever! I think its a great missionary opportunity for the little ones, and we can all learn from their unabashed courage!
 As for the invitations I made  2 different versions you can choose from depending on how much you want to customize it yourself.  Here is what our finished invite looks like:
2017 primary program free editable invitationIt coordinates with my 2017 binder covers and is sized as a 4X6 and I will have them printed at walmart (because they give you free envelopes!).  So just pick which invitation you would like to use, download it, open it in an editing program (like picmonkey or picasa) and add the text you would like, save as a jpeg and upload to walmart photo.com (or your photo place of choice).  Unfortunately I am not able to help wards customize their invitations for them as that would take me forever and I am pretty backlogged on mom stuff I need to do ? .  Good luck, I wish you all the best with your programs!I am happy to provide these things free for you to download, edit to your heart’s content, and use for your primary. I do, however, REALLY appreciate if you can take a minute and follow me on your social media platform of choice, THANKS! facebook/pinterest/instagram
2017 primary program free editable invitation2017 primary program free editable invitation


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