2018 Primary Program Invitation

Every year for our primary program we like to give each primary child 2 invitations.  With the invitations we give the challenge that they use at least one of the invitations to invite a non-member.  This can be a friend, teacher, coach, neighbor, cousin- whatever! I think its a great missionary opportunity for the little ones, and we can all learn from their unabashed courage!
 As for the invitations, I made  2 different versions you can choose from depending on how much you want to customize it yourself.  Here is what our finished invite looks like:
2018 I am a Child of God Primary Program Invitation Template

Instructions to Edit this Primary Program Invitation Template:

  1. Download JPEG by choosing one of the two templates and clicking the download button (at end of post)
  2. Open JPEG in a photo editing program (Like canva, picmonkey, photoshop, or iphoto)
  3. Add text
  4. Save as new JPEG
  5. Print as 4X6 photos (if you print them at walmart they will usually give you free envelopes to go with it!)
It coordinates with my 2018 binder covers and is sized as a 4X6.  Unfortunately I am not able to help wards customize their invitations for them as that would take me forever and I am pretty backlogged on mom stuff I need to do ? . .  BUT I did JUST make a pretty detailed step-by-step on how to edit this in Canva and saved it to my Instagram Highlights. So you can watch that if you head over there and hit “canva tutorial”. 
Good luck, I wish you all the best with your programs!I am happy to provide these things free for you to download, edit to your heart’s content, and use for your primary. I do, however, REALLY appreciate if you can take a minute and follow me on your social media platform of choice, THANKS! facebook/pinterest/instagram
2018 I am a Child of God Primary Program Invitation Template

21 thoughts on “2018 Primary Program Invitation

  1. Thank you! Also, I’m not sure how particular The Church is but Latter-day is hyphenated with a lower case “d”. I always have to look it up to remember. Just thought I’d share!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are absolutely wonderful and I am incredibly grateful for all of your hard work. I sincerely appreciate all the time and effort that you put into these. You are so talented and kind to help others. The invitations & scripts are total life savers for people like me who have NO IDEA what we are doing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You’re so awesome!

  3. Thank you for allowing us to use this for free–how generous! I’ll always point in your direction when I get a compliment on them.

  4. These are beautiful! The only invitations I’ve found with a depiction of Christ. Absolutely love that! Thank you so much!! I’d love to know the names of the fonts you used so I can use the same when editing. I apologize if you covered this in your tutorial! I don’t have an Instagram account and can’t view the tutorial. Thanks again for sharing your talents!

  5. THANK YOU so much for doing this!! I am really hoping it will be used to hand out to neighbors and friends. Thanks for taking the time to make and share with us all!
    I was curious if by any chance you’d be willing to make a Spanish one? I would be more than happy to compensate you for your time! I just would need the I am a Child of God to be in Spanish then I can add the rest in myself! Or if you Have a blank one with no words then I can add that.

  6. I used the invitation template. Thank you for making life easier for those of us who aren’t as tech savvy or creative!

  7. I’m glad you mentioned the font used! But I’ll be heading to Insta for the tut!!! I’m wondering if when I go in to make the invites for our branch, is there a way to switch which side the placement of the picture and the blue box are on? I was thinking that if I switched those two around I could then use this for our Program covers??! That way everything coordinates 😁

    1. Hi Tori, no you wouldnt be able to flip the spots from the template I provide, I would have to do that and I am sorry I won’t be able to get to that this year! I’ll try to keep that in mind for next year’s design, its a great idea!

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