5 Avengers-Inspired Party Games

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I’ve got 5 easy and fun party activities for your Marvel Party. And do you wanna hear the great news? Most of these games can be pulled together all with items from the Dollar Store! We did these five activities at my son’s fifth birthday, but they could be scaled for older kids as well. Are you ready to unleash your inner hero with these exciting Avengers party games?

Bring the Marvel Universe to Life with These 5 Awesome Avengers Party Games

DIY Captain America Shields

I like to start parties with a little craft or creative activity. I find it’s a nice ice breaker, and kids can get working on it as soon as they arrive as you wait for the late comers to trickle in. For this craft you need:

Make your own Captain America shields with items from the dollar store!
  • Large silver platers (dollar store)
  • Red, white and blue poster board (dollar store)
  • Mod Podge (dollar store)
  • Silver cardstock (or you could use more of the white poster board)
  • Foam brushes (dollar store)

Precut all the circles out of the poster board tracing a large dinner plate for the white circle and a dessert plate for the blue circle. For the red circle you’ll want to make your own template by tracing the inside rim of the silver platter. Finally I used my cricut to cut stars out of the silver cardstock.

Make your own Captain Amercia shields to get the party started!

Set up a table with the platters and the circles ready to go. The kids can use the mod podge to glue on each circle and then paint over the top of it to give it a nice glossy finish. It’s also a good idea to start with this activity to give it some time to dry during the party. With any luck they’ll be mostly dry for the kids to take home at the end. Don’t’ forget to add their names on the back!

Hawkeye Target Practice Game

For this game all we used was a nerf bow & arrow set (or if the kids are older you might want to use a real bow & arrow set) and a hula hoop. I hung the hula hoop from a branch in a tree and the kids got to take turns aiming to get the arrow through the hoop. I gave them each 3 tries and then told them to get back in line if they wanted another turn.

Fun & Easy Hawkeye party game idea

Here’s a similar bow & arrow set to the one we used. Sometimes I’ll get an item like this for the party and also gift it to them as their birthday present. Win/win 🙂

Shoot Like Spiderman Party Game

In shoot like Spidey all you need is a black foam board (I made 2), a white sharpie or chalk marker, and a can of silly string (I got one per kid). I drew a web on the foam board and had them each take turns shooting their silly string at it. Super basic, easy, but they had so much fun. And again, I was able to get all these items at the dollar store! Maybe not the chalk marker, I think I got that at Walmart.

Spiderman party game with silly string!

One can of silly string was enough, but if I had had two for each of them I have a feeling they would have been used. Can you ever have too much silly string? And having two board was nice because you could have two lines going. But depending on the number of guests you may just need one.

Hulk Smash Board Party Game

In Hulk Smash you’ll need:

You’ll just hot glue solo cups onto the foam board to create a grid, put a prize or two in each cup, add a Hulk action strip, then cover with tissue paper and rubber band it on. You can see a video of how I put this together in my Instagram reel here.

Make your own Hulk Smash party game with a few items from the dollar store!

Then to play the game the kids will take turns “smashing” through the tissue paper to retrieve the contents of the cup. They first have to read and preform the Hulk action BEFORE they get a prize. I had 6 party guests and 12 cups so they each got to go twice.

These strips are included in my Marvel Printable Party Bundle
Marvel Party Bundle
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Defeat Thanos Balloon Pop Game

This game was born from a party game we played at our Mandalorian party. I wanted to reuse the nerf darts that I had painstakingly super glued sand paper to again (ok it wasn’t that bad, but still I wanted to reuse them). So for this game you’ll need:

  • Nerf darts (works better if they have sand paper on the tips) & nerf gun
  • purple balloons (you can draw angry Thanos faces on them if you want).
Defeat Thanos by popping all the purple balloons!

I just duct taped the purple balloons onto our trampoline poles and let the kids take turns shooting at them. I gave them like 5 tries at a time and had them keep going and going until all our balloons are popped. The balloons pop better with the sandpaper tips.

Are you ready to host the Ultimate Avengers Party with these action-packed games? To help get you started on your party prep and decor I have a 15 page printable bundle that includes a banner, cupcake toppers, fun 8X10 prints and more! Thank you so much for supporting my site!

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This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.

And if you want to see a quick video recap of all our superhero games, check out my instagram reel here.

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