60th Birthday Party Ideas

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You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking for a little inspiration for your 60th birthday event. You can see even more behind the scenes from this event saved to my Instagram Highlights, go check it out! (and give me a follow while you’re there for more fun ideas and freebies!)

My Mother-in-Law is seriously the best. So it was SO fun to scheme with my sisters in law to throw her this surprise 60th! It was the most fun surprise birthday I have ever been a part of. I mean, my brother and sister in law came in from Idaho to be there! You should have seen her face when she walked in and saw them there!  60th birthday party ideas and printables

60th Birthday Party Decorations

The main focal point for the decor was the HUGE 60 photo collage that I made out of cardboard. I sorted through thousands of photos (luckily my hubby has this intense photo organizing system) and converted them all to B&W (I thought it would help make it look more cohesive). Then I rounded up a refrigerator box from our local appliance store and cut the 60 out of it. I used old fashioned duct tape to put all the photos on. Then to hang it on the wall I used 3M hooks and some sticky tackhow to make a huge number collage

It looks good if you let the photos hang over the edges a little bit. When I had it all up I felt like it still needed a little something. So then I had the thought to wind christmas lights through it. I was worried about it adding to the weight but the 3M hooks held just fine. 60 collage for a 60th birthday

For the color scheme I went with gold, mint & peach. It’s a fun feminine color scheme that is great for baby showers or a girls party.  I got the these poms and banner from amazon. And this is the arrow one. The mints do not match, as a warning, but I think it all came together fine.  60th birthday party ideas and printables

I tried to get the sugar cookies to match the color scheme. By the way, these are copy cat swig cookies from Jamie Cooks it Up. You might have to try them. Um. Now I kinda feel like I have to go make some (so.good.). They are not your average sugar cookie. Oh no. These are something extra. (and are so good if you serve them chilled). But I digress!

copy cat swig sugar cookies

I’ve seen the idea to attach photos to balloons as part of the party decor and had to try it!birthday party balloon hack

All you do is punch a hole in the photo and tie it to the balloon. BUT, I learned a very valuable lesson- make them double sided! The balloons are going to move constantly with all the air currents in the room and if you have the photos double sided than it won’t be a problem. Just use a little glue stick to attach another photo on the back. I was constant running around trying to turn the photos back facing forward. 60th birthday party free 8X10 printable

60th Birthday Party Printable

And last but not least!  I couldn’t leave you without a free printable. I love this saying, “It took 60 years to look this good”. My aunt sent it to my Dad on his 60th as a t-shirt and I thought it was hilarious. free 8X10 printable 60th birthday party

You can download this printable with the form below.


9 thoughts on “60th Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Wow, what a wonderful surprise for your mother-in-law! This is such a great idea with the photos and I like how you have them all black and white. It does make it more cohesive! It’s all just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Alia. Can you come do a surprise party for me when I am 60? (I love your free printable. That saying IS hilarious ….HAHA!)

  2. Any idea (roughly) how big/tall the numbers were? Looking to recreate something similar for my Dad’s 60th birthday coming up. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. When printing this sign, do I need anything special, such as what type paper and will my printer use a lot of ink? Also, how do you achieve the “glitter gold”?

    Thank you,

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