“All About My Mom” Mother’s Day Printable

It’s always fun to get those handwritten fun cards the kiddos bring home from school and church on Mother’s Day. The one’s that say you always yell at them and are 200 pounds- hah! But I realize the kiddos won’t have much help preparing something nice from Mom this year. The Dad’s are on their own! Yikes! Here’s a little printable to make it a bit easier ;).

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I didn’t post my Kindergartner’s since his is barely legible and my great wisdom I’ve passed down is apparently “don’t pick your nose!”. So that’s great.

Click on the image above to download.

What’s great about this printable is you don’t even need a color printer. Have the kiddos add all the color in the flowers, words and of course their picture.

I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day, if there are any moms reading this ;).

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