All About My Teacher- Free Teacher Appreciation Printable

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I shared a low-cost teacher appreciation idea a few years ago, and today I am going to share a no-cost teacher appreciation idea. Sure, gift cards are definitely king when it comes to teacher gifts, but I don’t think you have to spend money to put a smile on their face. Free printable teacher appreciation gift idea

Now when it comes to filling these sorts of things out I think its best NOT to coax or assist too much, if at all. The charm of it is the kids interpreting the questions and their teacher the way they want. I did have to read the questions to my Kindergartner (mostly for time’s sake). If they are stuck on something I try to just rephrase the question until they seem to get an idea. Oh, and I told them they are only allowed to put “nice” as an answer once, otherwise they would probably have put “she is nice” for half of the blanks ;).

All About My Teacher free printable, perfect for a teacher gift

The beauty of this puppy is you don’t need a color printer! Above is my second grader’s version. I love his answer “it depends” as to how his teacher feels at the end of every day.

This would be great with a plate of cookies, an amazon gift card, school supplies, tissues (in my observation, you can never have too many tissues in a elementary school classroom), or just all by itself.

free teacher appreciation gift idea

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free black and white teacher appreciation gift printable

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And if you are looking for another teacher appreciation gift idea be sure to check out these free printable tags. And if your starting to think about how you are going to survive summer, head over here for my summer fun kit ;).

free all about my teacher printable

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