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What are your back to school traditions? We don’t usually do anything too crazy or fancy, but we do have a little family night, either the day before or two days before, and pick a family motto! This is something we can remind ourselves of throughout the year, a goal of sorts, to help us all be successful. My husband also gives each of my kids special father’s blessings for the upcoming school year. And then we shoo the littles out of the room and do a refresher on the all the super-fun-parenting-topics (good touching/bad touching, good pictures/bad pictures. and not to keep secrets from us!) And after such a serious conversation its critical to end with lots of hugs and A TREAT!

back to school ABC cake banner free printable

The Curious Creamery sent me a few of their Ice Cream Cake Box Mixes (yup, you read that right!) and my kiddos were very anxious to try them.  It’s pretty neat, you can make an ice cream cake at home, without an ice cream machine! You just need some heavy whipping cream, milk and the cake takes a few hours to freeze.

back to school ABC cake banner free printable

The bottom layer is cake, followed by the ice cream layer (which is a lot like whipped cream), and the top layer is frosting. Yum, the kiddos loved it.

back to school ABC cake banner free printable

This is the funfetti birthday cake mix. I wanted to dress it up a bit so I whipped up the ABC chalkboard banner and threw it on top. I used two paper straws and string. Just punched holes in the top of each banner letter and strung the string through. back to school ABC cake banner free printable

I added the numbers “1, 2, & 3” as well in case you have some creative ideas on how to use those ;). I know you do! You guys always amaze me with your ideas! (Don’t’ forget to tag me in your posts @partylikeacherry #partylikeacherry)

back to school ABC cake banner free printable

I am lamenting the end of summer 🙁 But looking forward to my house not looking EXACTLY like an atomic bomb was dropped on it. At least for a few hours while the kids are at school. back to school ABC cake banner free printable

If you want to download the banner you can do that with the button below! Follow along on social media so you don’t miss the next free printable! Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest.

You guys are THE BEST!

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