Baptism Refreshment Ideas

What is the best food to serve following a baptism? You want something that thanks guests for taking time out of their day to come. But also something that does not add too much work and stress. Keeping the focus on the actual baptism is of course, the priority. I have three ideas that went over like gangbusters for you. I think you’ll find something that will work for you and make planning the baptism day a little less stressful.

Three baptism refreshment ideas and all the details to plan it and pull it off
Three baptism refreshment ideas and all the details to plan it and pull it off. Pin me!

Donut Stand

Everybody loves donuts! I think? Let me tell you even the teenage boys that put on church clothes in the middle of a Saturday were excited for the donut display at my son’s baptism. You can add some fun DIY elements like an easy Donut stand. Or just keep it simple- store bought donuts on some plates. We opted for Krispy Kreme, but every place has their local donut shops and it’s great to support those as well! To read more about how I put together our donut bar/stand head on over to read all the details in this post.

DIY donut stand made from a 2X4 and some wooden dowels.
Make your own donut stand for a fun way to display donuts after a baptism.

Cookie Bar

Everyone loves cookies. I think? Notice a theme? The fun thing about putting together a cookie bar is it can be tailored to the child getting baptized. My son helped pick all the cookies (and even helped make some) for his baptism. Again you can make it even easier on yourself by loading up on some from Costco or Crumbl, I happen to really like baking cookies. Also. I think my cookies are pretty fabulous. To make the display a little more fun and unique I labeled each cookie right on the black paper I used as a tablecloth. To check out all the details head over to this post.

CTR sugar cookies and number 8 sugar cookies
Black and white cookie bar for fun baptism refreshments

Soda Float Bar

For my oldest son’s baptism we did a soda float bar. This was quite some time ago so my photos are not the best, but it was by far the easiest of the three. All I had to do was buy a couple buckets of vanilla ice cream and a few packs of root beer, orange soda and sprite. And voila, the kids were in heaven! Check out all the details from the Soda Float bar, as well as all the details from the baptism that I copied for all my other sons, in this post.

soda float bar at a baptism
Soda float bar for baptism refreshments

I have printables the coordinate with each of these ideas in the individual posts I’ve linked above. I hope that helps you as you plan for your own baptism.

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