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The Sonic party I threw for my son has gone crazy on Pinterest and Google and I even got to do a short TV segment about it! So I wanted to share all about our Sonic party games in its own post to help make it even easier for you to get the information you need to get your party going! Whether you’re planning a birthday bash, a weekend get-together, or just craving some quality time with your friends and family, these Sonic party games are your golden rings to hours of entertainment. And if you want to see the full party post you can check that out here.

These 3 Sonic party games will bring your party to life!

How many activities you plan for a gathering depends largely on the age of your attendees, the location and the duration of the party. We had a 2 hour party for 6 year olds and 3 games was just right. Remember that most kids don’t want 100% structured time and it’s nice if you leave some free play. But on the flip side I wouldn’t rely entirely on free play or things tend to degenerate into chaos. At our party we had 3 games: Sonic Ring Race, Defeat Eggman, and Sonic Boom. I’ll break each one down for you step by step and you can check out this instagram reel to see it all in action.

Sonic Ring Race Party Game

I had a vision from the very beginning of golden rings hung from branches all through our forest that the kids would have to race around and collect. The problem is always getting things from my head to reality. I spent forever trying to figure out the best way to mass produce a bunch of golden rings. I don’t know if this is the best way, but the way I ended up doing it was by ordering a pack of 100 6 inch gold cake rounds, cutting out the centers, hole punching a hole near the top and then carrying a ladder through the woods as I hung them with string from branches.

This sonic ring race was a huge hit at our party!

Figuring out how to cut the centers out of the cake rounds took some trial and error, but once I got this cardboard cutter it really went quite quickly. I was able to get them all done during one episode of whatever show I was watching at the time- I don’t even remember! I cut quite a bit of cardboard and I was rather irritated with myself once I got this for not getting it sooner! It makes a world of difference. You can see a video of how I made them here. (and give me a follow while you’re over there, thank you!)

Here’s what our forest looked like once I had the course set up

To play the actual game I had a route the kids were to run that was somewhat outlined with cones. I hung all the rings along this course. I lined all the kids up and told them to run the lap and collect 2 rings. And of course I told them I would time their sonic speed. When they completed the course they could trade their 2 golden rings in for a chaos emerald. We repeated this until all the rings were gone and the kids were tired and sweaty. This is a great time to take a water or “sonic juice” break with the kids.

Printable Sonic the Hedgehog drink labels

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Depending on the age of the kids (again, I had 5-6 year olds) you could scale this game and make it harder by adding different obstacles they have to complete along their path. We kept it simple and I told them to just collect the rings. I accidentally hung many of the rings too high for the kids so I had my older boys running the course and if someone yelled out “super boost!” they came and lifted them up to help them reach the higher rings. So that added a fun element to the game (totally unintentional but you just got to roll with it, right?)

Defeat Eggman Sonic Party Game

The idea for this game is very simple: you need something that represents Eggman, and something to attack him with. Any kind of target practice will do! For our version I had one of my older boys put on a lab coat and dress up like Eggman, and I gave the kids a big bucket of water balloons. They all took turns aiming and firing at Eggman. After a bit I asked if any of the kids wanted a turn to be Eggman. Some of them did and so we all took turns throwing water balloons at them (and they would try to dodge them). After letting everyone have several turns we had lots of water balloons left so we broke out into good old fashioned water balloon fight to finish it off.

Throw water balloons at Eggman and see if you can get him or one of his robots!

Other variation ideas: you could get a poster of Eggman (or just print off a picture of him) and shoot nerf guns at it. Use a cornhole set and throw the bean bags at Eggman. Use him as a bow and arrow, axe or airsoft target. You get the idea! Any sort of target practice will work!

Sonic Boom Party Game

This one is always a favorite and easily adaptable to any theme. We used it for our Avengers party and then I reused the same board here. You just need a foam board, some solo cups, prizes, rubber bands and tissue paper. Hot glue the solo cups to the foam board (I did three across and four down for a total of 12). Then put in some sonic related prizes like these and to take it to the next level I added Sonic action strips. Then I covered the cups with some tissue paper (just one layer is enough so they can easily punch through it) and a rubberband to keep the tissue paper on.

Sonic Boom super easy party game

The kids then take turns punching through a cup and removing a Sonic Action Strip (these are also available in my Digital Party Bundle) and doing the Sonic action to earn the prize. I am strict and make them do the action in order to get the prize that was in the cup. 😉 The Sonic action strips are just different sonic “moves” like “sonic speed” or “sonic roll”. The kids got to give us their best Sonic impersonations while we all cheered and then they got their prizes.

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If you’re looking for more Sonic party ideas be sure to check out all the details on our decorations here. Now, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, grab that digital bundle, and let the Sonic party games commence. Get ready to rev those engines, collect those rings, and shout, “Sonic boom!” because the party is about to get supersonic!

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