Boo Bucks Halloween Printable

My Easter “bunny bucks” are so popular I thought I’d make a Halloween version! These are so versatile, I’m excited to hear what you decide to do with them! You can use these much the same way as you do the bunny bucks in that instead of giving out candy you can give out “boo bucks” that they can then turn in for different prizes or rewards (an extra bed time story etc).

Halloween boo bucks free printable
Halloween Boo Bucks Free Printable

Or you could use them to “buy” the excessive amounts of candy off of your kids after they go trick or treating. Again they could trade them in for other non-candy based rewards. They would also be a fun addition to a Halloween party or classroom party where kids could earn boo bucks for completing certain tasks or winning games. What else? Tell me your ideas!

Great for Halloween game prizes!

I recommend printing them on cardstock and then you can cut them out to create a sturdy ticket. These would be great incentives to hand out to kids or students behaving well or staying on task during Halloween week. Prizes could be things like glow sticks, homework pass etc.

What fun ways can you think of to use these free printable Boo Bucks?

You can download these Boo Bucks with the form below, and if you’re looking for more fun Halloween printables for your classroom check out my Ghost Story Mad Libs. Follow along on Instagram for more fun holiday printables!


These spooky-themed tickets offer a fun and creative twist to your holiday festivities, whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, organizing a school event, or simply looking for a unique way to engage with your family and friends during the spooky season.

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