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Want to put a fun spin on your Easter Egg Hunt this year? Try filling some (or all) of the eggs with these bunny bucks! Then set up a little store where they can cash them in. It’s a great way to make the hunt last longer AND reduce sugar intake. Win-win! And I’m here to share these bunny bucks as a free printable. Ok, I think now we’re up to win-win-win. Read on for all the details.

free printable bunny bucks for your easter egg hunt
Take your Easter Egg Hunt to the next level with these free printable bunny bucks

So what we did is we filled about half of the eggs with these bunny bucks. Then at the end of the egg hunt I let the kids cash in their bucks for prizes. I had 3 different baskets of prizes. One basket the items were worth $1 bunny buck, one basket the items were worth $2 bunny bucks and the last basket (yup you guessed it) the items were worth $3 bunny bucks.

free printable bunny bucks for your easter egg hunt
Let them cash in their bunny bucks from the hunt at the bunny bucks store

I just got little trinkets and Easter related items at the dollar store and walmart. You could also include bigger treats like chocolate bunnies and peeps and other things that wouldn’t fit in an Easter egg. The printables also comes with these little labels that I used in each basket to indicate how much the items inside the basket cost. You could just send the kids to cash things in on their own but it will probably go more smoothly if you have an adult or two assisting them (especially the younger ones).

free printable bunny bucks for your easter egg hunt
Have different items worth different values at your Bunny Bucks store

Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Some other helpful tips I’ve learned over the years include:

  • Set clear rules up front: Usually it’s easiest to give the kids a specific number of eggs they are allowed to find. And make the boundaries of where the eggs are hidden clear.
  • Account for different age groups: I find it’s easiest to split up the egg hunt by ages. There are several ways you can do this including
    • Have different ages go at different times
    • Have different ages go in different areas
    • Have different areas assigned to certain colored eggs

We usually use our driveway as the diver and kids 5 and under go on one side and kids 6 and up go on the other side. On the side for the little ones we just sprinkle the eggs around. Then for the older kids we actually hide most of the eggs (although not all since 6-7 year olds still could use some easy wins).

free printable bunny bucks for your easter egg hunt- bunny bucks store
Here’s a look at the whole store. The cheapest items I put in the $1 basket

Hopefully that give you some ideas to get your Egg Hunt underway! If you’re looking for more help and printables for your Easter party check out this post. And you can fill out the form below to get these printables headed your way! Happy hunting.

free printable bunny bucks for your easter egg hunt
Bunny Bucks Free Printables for your Easter Egg Hunt

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