“C” is for Caterpillar- Fun Preschool Snack

grape caterpillars

Second started preschool this month and I am lucky enough to be able to send him to a dear friend a few hours a week.  I am so grateful that she is teaching my little one this year- she’s amazing!  Anywho, “c” week was our week for snacks.  I saw a photo floating around the internet of grape caterpillars and thought that was genius!  There was no blog post or anything that I could find to accompany it, however, so I thought I’d share how we put together & used our grape caterpillars.

Materials needed: mini chocolate chips, icing, skewers (remember when I said I order them in bulk?), green grapes

grape caterpillars preschool snack

The assembly is rather straight forward, I believe.  I will tell you that I clipped the end off of the skewers (didn’t think anyone losing an eye was part of ‘c’ week…).  Also, I was concerned about the grapes getting all squishy if I skewered them the night before so I got up really early that morning to do them.  Turns out that was necessary as we had a few extras and they were totally fine in the fridge for at least 24 hours.  After a couple days the eyes started falling off.  So anyway moral of the story is you should be safe if you want to put these together the night before while watching the Bachelor (oh just me…?).

bug & critter party food idea

As mentioned these would be cute for a preschool snack, go great with the letter “c”, and of course the book the very hungry caterpillar!  They would also make a great addition to any bug/critter themed party.  I had a friend who just did one, they met in the park and she gave them all butterfly nets and told them to go catch bugs.  UM FOR REALS.  How smart is she?  The kids were in heaven.  Then serve these, party complete 🙂

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UPDATE:  I have since been shown that these snacks were also featured over at Six in the Suburbs, she skewered them the short ways, check ’em out!


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9 thoughts on ““C” is for Caterpillar- Fun Preschool Snack

    1. Of course that was the most popular part of the caterpillar. If you REALLY want to make them laugh bring extra mini chocolate chips and let them eat “caterpillar poop”.

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