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I’m honored to be joining several other Instagram accounts this week to be talking about Come Follow Me! We’re halfway through the year and I think a lot of us have lost some steam! (or maybe it’s just us??). In any case, Emily from Hey Friend Shop and Sheena from Seek Christ Daily have asked me to join in to show the real, messy, behind the scenes of our families as we struggle through figuring this all out.

And Isn’t that the great thing about the “day and age” we are living in? As much of a curse as Social Media can be, look at this wonderful thing we can use it for! We are all pioneering this new program started by the Church in January, and we DON’T have to do it alone.

come follow me tracking sheet

Annnnywayzzz, head over to @simplycomefollowme to catch all of the presenters this week (which will also be saved to the highlights if you are stumbling upon this at a later date). Topics varying from toddlers to teens to preparation to scheduling will be covered.

As part of my segment I made a very simple Come Follow Me motivation tracker printable. I think the key is to make the experience POSITIVE for your kiddos. Ice cream can help. 😉 What can I say. 95% of my parenting strategy is based on bribery.

Have your kids keep track of when you do Come Follow Me by adding a check mark or sticker each time. When you reach 10, celebrate! I think ice cream is a great reward b/c you can keep it stocked in your freezer and it takes no prep. When you fill in a row just whip out the ice cream after scripture study and have a little bowl. Or if its nice weather put it in a cone and head outside to eat! We never do cones (i’m too lazy) so that would be a big treat for my kiddos. When you fill a whole sheet up maybe you can celebrate with a whole ice cream sundae! Sprinkles, m&ms, hot fudge, the works. Or maybe with a family game night. Who knows, do what works for your family. Keep it simple. Keep it positive. (that’s my two cents!).

Hope you find this resource useful. If you want to catch my full segment about how to fit Come Follow Me into our lives, I will save it to my Instagram Highlights.

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