Delivery Driver Holiday Gift Idea

Want a quick and easy way to show your delivery drivers some love this season? Here’s a free printable gift tag that you can pair with some hot cocoa packets, a Starbucks gift card, or a fun Christmas mug! Just slip it in your mailbox this holiday season for your mailman to find! Or leave it on our porch where they usually drop your packages. It’s sure to make their day!

DIY gift ideas for delivery drivers
Free printable gift card for your delivery drivers this Christmas!

You can package these up so many different ways, for this photo I used an exacto knife to cut a slit towards the top of the paper tag. You’ll want to print these gift tags on cardstock if you want to do it this way. Then I slipped the coffee shop gift card through the slit and secured it on the back with some tape. You could also punch a hole in the handle of the mug and tie it to something with ribbon (like below). If you want to see a video of how I put this together check that out here.

Pair this gift tag with some hot cocoa tins, a bag of coffee beans or a gift card!

This is a quick and easy way to say “thank you” for all their trips up and down your driveway to save you trips to the store! I’m so grateful for them! I also have a version of this for a teacher gift here. And if you’re looking for more ideas to show your mailmen and women some love check out this post here.

Creative gift ideas for delivery drivers
Free printable gift tags for delivery drivers

To grab these free gift tags just fill in the form below and I’ll email them over to ya! Showing appreciation for the hard work and dedication of delivery drivers during the holiday season is a meaningful gesture. By offering a small token of gratitude, like a thoughtful gift accompanied by a personalized printable tag, you can brighten their day and express your thanks for their essential role in making the season special. So, take a moment to print out our free printable tags and consider a gift that acknowledges the invaluable service of these unsung heroes. Together, let’s spread some holiday cheer and show our appreciation for delivery drivers everywhere!

Free printable Christmas gift tags for Delivery Drivers and mailman

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