Dino Party Decorations

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We got to celebrate little man’s 3rd birthday during quarantine, so we didn’t get to have our usual huge bash. But I still wanted to do some decorations to help his day feel special. His birthday is in late April, so all I had to do was hit up the Easter clearance section for some awesome Dino decor!

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Dinosaur Party Centerpiece

An easy centerpiece idea is to tape dinosaur footprints along the length of the table, like a table runner. Then just sprinkle Easter grass along the way. I cut my Dino footprints with my cricut. But you could also order some removable vinyl sticker ones like this, or cut your own!

Amazon has easter grass year round, but its definitely most economical to buy it at the store during Easter season. I stock up a bit with the after Easter sales in all colors because it comes in handy for so many things!

Dino party centerpiece idea

For the center of the table I filled a mason jar with more easter grass, surrounded it with easter grass to make a nest looking thing, and then added some dinosaur egg looking easter eggs. In the mason jar I added a big number 3 on a kabob skewer that I made with my cricut.

Dinosaur Party Dessert Table

More easter grass and easter eggs for our dino dessert table! I was so excited when I found those easter eggs on clearance at walmart, don’t they look just like dino eggs? These are pretty cool though and hatch in water! You could use them as decor and then at the end of the party let each kid pick one to bring home.

Dinosaur cupcakes

My favorite cupcake hack to keep it on theme is to just put some related plastic figurines (like these) on top. I also used cadbury eggs as dino eggs around the edge of the cupcakes. Just wash those plastic figurines thoroughly before adding them to the cupcakes!

Add dino figurines to the cupcakes to keep them on theme.

I love those wooden rounds my hubby made for me, I use them all the time! he just cut a log for me into a bunch of rounds. That’ts true love. Amazon sells some similar here.

Dinosaur cupcakes

For a banner I used my cricut to cut different dinosaurs out and put the letters to spell his name. Here’s something similar from Amazon that is versatile and you could personalize. Add some coordinating streamers, more dino tracks and you are good to go! The balloons were actually an addition by my 8 year old. He insisted ;).

Dinosaur party dessert table

There’s really no end to where you can put the dino tracks. You could use them on the sidewalk out side your house leading up to the front door as well!

Add dino tracks all over the party area to set the mood

Fun Amazon Dinosaur Finds

I hope that gives you a bit of inspo as you plan your dino bash! I’d love to see how it turns out! Shoot me a DM over on Instagram and say hello!

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