DIY Avengers Party Decorations

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Do you have someone obsessed with all things Marvel too? For my son’s 5th birthday we threw him a big Marvel bash and I’m here to share all about my DIY decorations. I like to make my own decorations as much as possible for two reasons: 1. Of course it’s cheaper and 2. I don’t usually like those cheesy decorations they sell on amazon or walmart. So if you’re looking for something a little more unique and special, that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right spot!

Make your own epic Avengers party decorations with these awesome and easy ideas!

Superhero Party Decoration Ideas

My overall goal was to turn our dining room into the inside of a comic book. I wanted bright colors, a city “setting” and of course our comic book heroes leaping about. I started with making buildings that I wanted to run the full length of the table as our centerpiece. I collected cardboard boxes from my recycling, covered them with tissue paper, and finally glued on black squares for windows to make my city buildings. I used boxes like: cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, goldfish cracker boxes. You want a variety of depths and height to create that cityscape look. You can see a little more of how I made them in my instagram reel here.

Avengers DIY cityscape

As you can see I used three different colors of tissue paper: orange, green & blue. Red would also be a good one to mix in if you wanted. It usually took several layers of tissue paper to fully cover whatever writing was on the box underneath, but tissue paper is cheap and you can get it at the dollar store!

Marvel Cupcake Toppers, print on 2 1/2inch sticker labels or cardstock,
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I added our superhero characters with little glue dots and put some on top of the buildings, some down on “street level” and some even flying through the air (I tied them to my chandelier with fishing line). Here are some that are similar to the ones I ordered (which I can’t find anymore). I thought adding the cupcakes around on the buildings was a nice touch as well. Kind of like a glorified cupcake stand ;). You can find these free Captain America cupcake toppers over on this post. Or you can purchase my Marvel Party Bundle which also comes with some cool ones (featured above).

Marvel Party Bundle
This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.
Avengers party table decoration ideas

For the tablecloth I used a real blue tablecloth that I had on hand from previous parties (Harry Potter originally I believe) and then purchased this plastic comic superhero table cloth from Amazon. I then cut along one of the polka dot lines to remove the buildings on either side so I just had a table runner. I later hung those pieces I had cut off up along the wall as a nice backdrop.

Each place setting had the tableware- I ordered this pack– along with their own superhero mask and cape. Or course they all had to choose which Marvel character they were going to be for the duration of the party! Very important.

Avengers Dessert Table Ideas

On our dessert table, I continued with the same theme of the “city scape”. The feature was of course our Hulk Cake, with more of my DIY buildings on either side.

Hulk Cake and Avengers Dessert Table Ideas

This would also be a fun place to display some of the 8X10 prints also available in my Marvel party bundle. I have one for Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. The bundle also includes a “happy birthday” banner and a fun Hulk Party Game. To see how we played the Hulk Party game check out this post.

I covered our dessert table with a black tablecloth and then added some of the pieces I had cut off of the tablecover. I added more cupcakes and Avengers characters and this backdrop really brought it all to life.

Avengers party decorations

The final touch was to add a red, white, blue and gold balloon garland hanging over our dessert table. You can get some fun really affordable kits on amazon like this one. And if you are still looking for more Marvel party ideas head over to check out the full party blog post here.

Marvel Party Bundle
This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.

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