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I’m excited to share the details from my son’s baptism where we had a Donut Bar dessert table that is so easy to replicate! It would be so perfect for weddings, graduations, recitals, birthdays and more! There really isn’t an occasion that can’t be celebrated with donuts! (Ok maybe not Cinco de Mayo?) I’ve also got a free printable for you to display! Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

DIY Donut Bar made so easy! This is perfect for your next gathering, huge crowd pleaser. Pin me!

Our Donut Bar consisted of a few elements: DIY donut stand, Donut hole trees, platters of donuts and drinks (milk & chocolate milk). Let me break it down for you:

Make a WOW centerpiece to serve your donuts with this easy how-to

DIY Donut Stand

I made the donut stand ALL by myself. That means annnnnnnnybody can do it. To see a quick video of how I put it together check out this reel. (and give me follow while you’re over there!). Supplies needed: 2X4, wooden dowels, wood glue, sander, drill, stain (if desired)

DIY donut stand great for weddings and parties
DIY donut stand. Such a fun way to display donuts for any event!
  • Start with a 2X4, you can use any length you want!
  • Measure and plan out how far apart you will want your holes.
  • Drill the holes, you’ll need to know which dowels you will using so you can make the hole just a smidge bigger than the size of the dowel. You can use scrap wood to play around with different drill bits until you get a size that your dowel fits in very snugly.
  • Sand your 2X4
  • Stain to desired color (or leave natural if you prefer)
  • Then put the dowels into the holes with just a little drop of wood glue.
How to build your own donut stand with just a 2X4 and some wooden dowels
This donut stand is the easiest DIY you will ever do!

Here’s an idea of what it looked like before donuts were on it. You can definitely use taller and thicker dowels, I was just trying to stick with materials I already had. I was able to stack about 8-10 donuts on each rung even with this smaller dowels.

This donut bar would be great for graduations, weddings, recitals and more!

Donut Hole Trees

These donut hole trees are a crowd pleaser!

On either side of the donut stand I had a donut hole tree. Never heard of it you say? I got this wonderful idea from My Name is Snickerdoodle, she does this as a fun Christmas breakfast tradition. (They do look like Christmas trees when you’re done with them!). My kids are always sugared out on Christmas morning from candy from their stockings, but when I saw it I thought it would be so perfect for a donut bar! Check out her post for all the details on how to put them together, and to see much prettier ones than mine!

DIY Donut hole tree. Just use a Styrofoam cone as a base, then use toothpicks to add the donut holes.

I did one powdered donut tree and one glazed. There is a bit of a learning curve with the trees, my second one was much better than my first. You need to put the donut holes much closer than you would think (or at least closer than I would think).

You can add rosemary sprigs and a dusting of powdered sugar for final touches

Donut Bar Table Decor

For the base of the table I used a black tablecloth and some long greenery garlands for some texture. With the remaining donuts I just put them on pretty platters behind the main display. We also had milk and chocolate milk (although I’m pretty sure everybody just took the chocolate milk) and a fun printable to display.

Donut bar display ideas

This took place in a church gym after my son’s baptism, so please excuse the very ugly brown backdrop ;). Also I ordered all the donuts from Krispy Kreme, did I mention that? I originally was going to get 5 dozen but then panicked and got 7 dozen. We had 2 dozen left over dang it. By the way, we got them the day before the baptism and they were just fine the next day!

Donut Bar Display, use varying heights to add interest

Free Donut Bar Printable

I made a fun printable to go along with the donut theme, and its versatile enough it could be used at a lot of different events like weddings, graduations, recitals and more!

gorgeous and elegant donut bar ideas

It’s sized at 8X10 so you can print it and put it in a frame to display. I put it up on a wooden crate to raise it a bit so it wouldn’t be totally blocked by the donut stand display.

This free 8X10 donut bar print is the perfect finishing touch for your donut bar!

Baptism Ideas

For the actual baptism we did things much the same as with my older two boys. If you’re planning a baptism you will definitely want to check out those two posts. In this one there are lots of LDS baptism printables and tips as well as the details on our soda float bar. And this one has all the details on our cookie bar.

LDS baptism ideas and printables

We had a scripture hero poster, welcome sign and the programs all laid out in front of the Relief Society room as people arrived. To order any of these items you can email me And you can read more about all of this in my other baptism posts.

I hope this helps make it easier for you to plan your next event!

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  1. Hi Alia! Thank you soo much for your amazing ideas, years after your beautiful sons’ baptisms your blog is a huge help as I prepare for my son’s baptism in May. Sending love and light from Auckland, New Zealand 😊

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