DIY Marvel Party Ideas

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The Marvel Avengers obsession in our home came to a climax for my son’s 5th birthday party. I’m here to share all the details- party games, decorations, shopping list, and more to help you on your quest to throw an epic Avengers bash.

Marvel Party decorations ideas, games, printables and a shopping list! Everything you need to throw an epic Avengers bash. Pin me!

Yes, my 5 year old has seen most of the Marvel movies. When my oldest was 5 it was Cars and Curious George everything. Now my youngest has been raised on Marvel and Star Wars, eek! Classic youngest child syndrome. Anyway, a lot of what we did for his party came straight from, the dollar store, so if you’re on a budget this one’s for you!

Marvel Party Decorations

For the decorations I focused on the dining room, as usual, and made a little superhero cityscape to run along the center of the table. I did a balloon garland over the dessert table with a few more city buildings, a hulk cake and a city backdrop from amazon.

Fun and easy ideas that make a big impact for a superhero party! Pin me!

Avengers Tablescape

Marvel party decorations perfect for your Avengers bash!

To create this fun city tablescape I used cardboard boxes (like goldfish cracker boxes, granola bar boxes, anything we buy in bulk from Costco basically…) and covered them with tissue paper. It takes a few layers of the tissue paper to cover up the writing and images on the box. Next I just glued on a bunch of black squares to make them look like windows!

DIY superhero tablescape with cardboard boxes!
These easy buildings make a big impact on a little budget! Pin me please!

I used my Cricut to cut black squares out of cardstock, but it’s certainly not a necessity to get this done. Check out this Instagram reel I made showing a little more of the process. I tried to get a variety of sizes for the boxes, taller, shorter, wider, skinny, etc.

Avengers Table Decorations

For the base of the table I used a blue fabric tablecloth that I had leftover from our Harry Potter Party. For a runner along the center of the table I took one of these plastic tablecloths and cut the edges off. I ended up using the edges by taping them up on the wall but I didn’t want them on the table. Next I added the city buildings I had made out of boxes. Once I had them lined up the way I wanted them on the table, I added fun superhero cutouts (similar here) with glue dots all around the set up. I even hung some from the chandelier above with fishing line. The birthday boy was insistent that Ironman should be flying.

Here’s a look at the whole table to give you an idea of how I styled the different elements

Finally I added cupcakes all around, and the city buildings essentially became a super cool cupcake tray. I made the Captain America cupcake toppers and you bet I’ll share that free printable with ya!

Avengers party room decor

At each place setting we had these fun paper plates and cups, along with a super hero mask and cape on the back of their chair. I also spread some of the extra cut outs around the table a bit like confetti.

Superhero party decorations any boy would flip over!
I used goldfish cracker, granola, and cereal boxes to get a variety of sizes and shapes

Superhero Dessert Table

Avengers party dessert table

The dessert table featured the awesome Hulk cake my mother in law made, as well as some more Captain America cupcakes, more city buildings and cutouts and a superhero balloon garland. And can you see where I used the edges of the tablecover that I cut off on the wall and on the front of the table?

Avengers party decoration ideas

To make the balloon garland I used this kit along with these superhero mylar balloons. For the first time I tried color blocking the garland rather than rotating the colors evenly throughout. I loved how it turned out! I used glue dots to add the superhero faces at the end. Again you can check out my Instagram reels for a visual of me putting it together.

Hulk cake for a Marvel party

The backdrop made decorating so quick and easy. Originally I was thinking about making my own with a big roll of bulletin board paper, I’m so glad I found this! And isn’t that Hulk cake awesome? I’m so lucky to have my mother-in-law as my cake expert! My skills end and basic cupcakes.

Make this fun Marvel themed dessert table with a few items from Amazon!
Marvel Party Bundle
This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.

Marvel Party Games

If you’re looking for fun, easy and budget game ideas you are in the right spot! These activities can be put together almost all with items from the dollar store! And if you want to get a quick video recap of all our games check out this Instagram Post!

DIY Captain America Shields

Make these Captain America shields with items from the dollar store!

To make the Captain America shields you’ll need large silver platters from the dollar store, red white & blue poster board from the dollar store, mod podge, foam brushes and silver cardstock. I precut all the circles out of the poster board tracing a large dinner plate for the white circle and a dessert plate for the blue circle. The red circle was a pain, I couldn’t find any object the right size so I tried to make my own template. Finally I used my cricut to cut stars out of the silver cardstock.

I set up a table in the garage for them to make their shields

We made the shields first so that they could have a chance to dry by the end of they party (they were sort of dry by then). We did this messy craft in the garage! Actually it wasn’t too messy but I definitely recommend disposable table covers!

DIY Captain America shields activity

Some of them were a bit off-centered, but I think it just adds to the charm! Once they were done with this messy activity I let them choose their superhero identity! I wanted to wait until we were all done with the mod podge before they put on their capes and masks. I laid them out on the table and let them choose, and then we had to get a group picture. This set from Amazon was awesome! Aren’t we so lucky we can just buy things like this now for totally reasonable prices and the show up on your doorstep like the next day?!

These superhero masks & capes made great party favors for the kids to take home!

Hawkeye Target Practice

This game is SO easy to set up, all you need is a nerf bow & arrow and a hula hoop hung in a tree branch. This is similar to the set that we had and used for this game. It does help to have one of the older kids climb in the tree and retrieve the stuck arrows 😉

Easy Hawkeye Target Practice game all the kids loved! Pin me!

I just had the kids take turns trying to get their arrow through the hula hoop we hung in the tree. I gave them 3 tries and then we went to the next kid. We just kept playing for as long as they wanted to keep trying.

Shoot Like Spiderman

In shoot like spidey all you need is a black foam board (I made 2), a white sharpie or chalk marker, and a can of silly string (I got one per kid). I drew a web on the foam board and had them each take turns shooting their silly string at it. Super basic, easy, but they had so much fun.

All you need is a foam board and silly string for this Spiderman party game!

It was nice to have two board so we could have two lines going. And honestly you can’t ever have enough silly string so two cans per person would not be a bad idea. Even the big kids wanted in on this one.

Marvel party games

Hulk Smash Board

For our Hulk Smash board you will need: foam board, solo cups, tissue paper, rubberband, hot glue gun & prizes. I went out of my way to order green (and expensive) solo cups for the hulk smash board. Don’t do that. That was dumb. Once I put the green tissue paper over the cups you could hardly even see the cups themselves! Totally not worth it.

Hulk smash party game DIY

For this one I made a printable for you! These little Hulk Action strips are perfect to go inside each cup. I had the kids to the hulk action before they could earn the prize that was in the cup. If you want to see a video on how I assembled this board you can check that out here, and give me a follow for more party ideas!

Hulk smash party game action strips available as part of the Marvel Party Bundle

This printable is available in my Marvel Party Bundle that has 15 pages of printables to help you throw an epic Avengers bash. For prizes we put in these fun Marvel bracelets and key chains. I thought they were pretty cool. And candy of course.

Marvel Party Bundle
This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.

Defeat Thanos Balloon Game

The last game was a result of me wanting to reuse our nerf bullets that I painstakingly added sandpaper to the ends of for our Mandalorian Party. We played a similar game at that party where they shot storm trooper balloons with their nerf guns to save baby yoda. If you superglue sandpaper on the end of the nerf bullets they pop the balloons better. This time I ordered purple balloons, which we referred to as Thanos. I taped them to the trampoline and the kids took turns shooting the balloons.

Fun party game, defeat Thanos by popping the balloons!

The kids drew angry faces on some of the balloons with a sharpie and we just duct taped them to the trampoline poles.

Marvel Party Printable Bundle

I put together 15 pages of printables to help you throw an epic Avengers bash. This bundle includes cupcake toppers, happy birthday banner, 8X10 prints and the Hulk Smash game strips.

Marvel printable party bundle, 15 pages of printables for your Avengers party
Purchase this Marvel Party Bundle by adding to cart with the button below
Marvel Party Bundle
This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.
Thor party poster
Thor 8X10 “Are You Worthy?” print available as part of the party bundle
avengers cupcake toppers
These cupcake toppers are available as part of the party bundle. You can print them on cardstock and cut them out, or print them on 2 1/2 inch round sticker labels.
Blue and Red Happy birthday banner included in the Marvel Party Bundle
Marvel Party Bundle
This printable bundle includes 15 pages including: Avenger cupcake toppers, Happy birthday banner and 8X10 prints for each Avenger character.

Captain America Cupcake Toppers Printable

Use this free printable for fun Captain America or Fourth of July cupcakes or treats!

I wouldn’t leave you without some free printables! These Captain America shields are great for cupcake or food toppers. Just print them out on Avery 2 1.2″ diameter circle stickers and then I stuck them on blue circles I cut with the cricut. I put a toothpick in between the sticker and the cardstock to create a cupcake topper.

Marvel Party Shopping List

I’ve gathered a lot of the items I purchased into one spot here for you to make you’re shopping a bit easier!

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