DIY Sonic Party Ideas

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Are you ready for an epic party that will transport you to a world of speed, rings, and blue hedgehogs? Look no further, because I’ve got you covered to make your next party an unforgettable experience! From decorations and themed activities to tasty treats and party favors, I’ll guide you through every aspect of throwing an unforgettable Sonic-themed bash. No matter your budget or party size, there’s something for everyone. So, gather your golden rings, rev up your enthusiasm, and prepare for a party that will channel the spirit of Sonic in every detail.

Sonic party ideas, games, decorations, shopping list and more! Everything you need to plan an Epic Sonic bash.
Sonic party ideas, games, decorations, shopping list and more! Everything you need to plan an Epic Sonic bash.

For his sixth birthday my little guy requested a Sonic the Hedgehog birthday party! I have to admit I thought, “really?” First of all I don’t know much about Sonic. And in my experience it’s much easier to plan a party when you know the subject matter well. I had a blast planning out all the Harry Potter party games or designing our Lord of the Rings party quest. But I was at a loss for Sonic. I did some research, in the form of watching the latest movies, and went to work brainstorming ideas.

Sonic Party Decorations

When it came to the party decorations I knew I wanted the focal point to be the around the Sonic Rings. And other than that I used the help of Amazon to transform our dining room into a world of Sonic the Hedgehog. If you’d like to see the decorations in video form, check out my Instagram Reel here.

Dining room decorated for a Sonic the Hedgehog party with balloon garland, golden rings, character capes and sonic cake
Sonic Party Decoration Ideas and Hacks

DIY Sonic Rings

I ended up making one large ring as the main centerpiece, and six smaller rings to use as part of the tablescape as well. The large ring was so simple to make! It is just a hula hoop from the dollar store that I spray painted gold. I then used fishing line to hang it from my chandelier so it looked like it was suspended in mid air. I added a little banner I made with my cricut that said my son’s name. And then these Sonic characters to the bottom of the hoop.

Sonic golden ring made out of a hula hoop from the dollar store.
Make a Sonic portal ring out of a hula hoop from the dollar store!

The smaller rings were also easy, but a little more time intensive. I got foam wreath forms, also from the dollar store and then spray painted them gold. To make the bases I cut a 2X4 in about 4 inch lengths, spray painted them gold, and then drilled a hole in the center. I used wooden dowels that I glued into the holes and then just poked the foam wreaths into the dowels so that they would stand on their own. Again I used these cardstock sonic characters that I ordered from Amazon and little glue dots that they came with to jazz up the rings. My little guy had lots of opinions about which characters should go where.

Make Sonic golden rings out of foam wreaths from the dollar store!

On the table I put a total of 5 rings, with the big hula hoop hanging down in the middle and 2 smaller rings on each side. For two of the rings I left the wooden dowels full length, and of the other two I cut the dowels so that they would be shorter. Here’s how it looked all put together:

Sonic the Hedgehog DIY party decorations
Sonic party tablescape idea- use rings as a cheap and easy centerpiece that makes a big statement!

Sonic Party Tablescape

At each place setting I used a golden charger (these are originally from our wedding and I have used them for SO many parties). The dollar store usually has some plastic ones. I thought they worked well to continue with the “golden rings” theme. We then had these Sonic paper plates and napkins. I thought they looked more retro and cool than a lot of the others. And then, one of my favorite things, was our “sonic juice.” Which was just blue gatorade that I covered with some labels I made.

“Sonic Juice” drink labels available as party of my digital party pack.

These “Sonic Juice” drink labels work great on most size bottles and are available as part of my Sonic Digital Party Pack.

Sonic Party Bundle
Sonic Party Bundle
Includes: cupcake toppers, happy birthday banner, sonic boom party game action strips, and sonic juice drink labels

Down the center of the table we had a bit of a junk food buffet. I did throw some fruit in there as well to try to have some redeeming options for the kiddos. But we have done this for the last few parties because it is so easy, and makes such a big impact! If you want to see more step by step how I put these together you can check out this reel here.

party food hack idea- Lay an assortment of the birthday kiddo's favorite foods along the center of the table for an easy party win.
Lay an assortment of the birthday kiddo’s favorite foods along the center of the table for an easy party win.

I picked out a variety of snacks and treats that my son loves, took them all out of the package, and then just laid them along the center of the table. Group things together and you can put parchment paper underneath to protect the table. Especially if the food is messy or greasy. This always leads to a big “wow factor” when the guests come in and see it all laid out. Of course it’s best to wait until right before the party so that you don’t have things sitting out too long and getting stale. I also save the packaging so I can put the leftovers back in them after the party.

Sonic party food ideas

I also sprinkled little golden rings around the table kinda like confetti. Can you spot them in the photo above? I had some left over from our Lord of the Rings party. And then I ordered some more for this party. At first when I got these rings I laughed because they were WAY smaller than I thought they were going to be. I was planning on returning them. But then at the last minute I used them to sprinkle around the table and I think they added a nice effect.

Sonic Party food ideas

Then for the base of the table is just a blue fabric tablecloth. It’s originally from our Harry Potter party, but I’ve used it for Ninjago, Marvel and I think a few others.

Sonic Dessert Table Ideas

The crowning glory of our dessert table was the most epic Sonic the Hedgehog cake ever! My mother-in-law outdid herself with this one. I think the only one that I might love more than this one is the Baby Yoda cake she did.

Sonic the Hedgehog cake
Sonic the Hedgehog cake. Isn’t his expression just perfect?

Above the dessert table was a balloon garland in Sonic colors and the backdrop was just the one that came with this balloon garland kit. I was able to put the whole garland together in an hour with the help of my balloon buddy, I love that thing! And I thought that backdrop, plus the 4 mylar balloons and a whole balloon garland for that price was a pretty awesome deal!

sonic party balloon garland and dessert table
Sonic party decoration ideas

As you can see I used my last two rings for the dessert table. And then I used these streamers to hang along the table and wall. Last, but not least, I ordered these character capes and masks for the kiddos and hung them on the back of the chairs.

sonic party capes
Sonic capes make for a fun party activity and party favor all in one!

Sonic Party Games

We had 3 party games. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be enough but it turned out to be just the right amount to leave time for cake, presents and a little free play (we had a 2 hour party). The games we played were: Sonic Ring Race, Defeat Eggman & Sonic Boom. Keep reading for all the details! And you can check out this instagram reel to see it all in action! (and give me a follow while you’re over there, thanks!).

Sonic party game- have them collect gold rings as they race around a course!
Sonic party game- have them collect gold rings as they race around a course!

Sonic Ring Race

We started with the main event, the game I spent the most time prepping and planning. After getting them all situated with their capes and masks I took them out to our forested area and lined them up. I had marked a path through our woods with cones and hung rings from tree branches along the path. I explained that I would time their “sonic speed” as they raced around the course and collected rings. I told them to retrieve 3 rings. As they crossed the finish line I announced their times and then they could trade in their rings for a chaos emerald. We then repeated that two more times. We had enough rings to maybe do a fourth round but it was a very hot day and they looked very tired. Our course was not that small, it took them about a minute to run it. I had a cooler full of cold waters for them when we were done and we took a little break (you could also serve the Sonic Juice at this point!).

Collect golden rings as you race around an obstacle course

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to make the rings out of. I ended up ordering these golden cake rounds. I then greatly debated whether to just leave them as is (more like discs) or to cut the middle out so they would be truly rings. I tried several methods of cutting out the centers but nothing was working well. The power tools just shredded the cardboard and using an xacto knife was taking way too long. I ordered one of these cardboard cutters and thought, “it that makes it reasonably easy I’ll cut out the centers, otherwise forget it”. Turns out it DID make it a lot easier so I cut out all the centers. Also I’m kicking myself for not ordering one sooner. As someone who reuses cardboard all the time it would have come in handy so many times! Another idea for the golden rings is to use gold paper plates and cut the centers out.

Fun Sonic Party game, great for all ages!
Fun Sonic Party game, great for all ages! Can you spot all the rings in this picture?

Once I had that cardboard cutter, cutting out the centers really didn’t take that long. I punched holes in the rings as well so that I would have something to tie the string through. What took the longest was hanging 100 sonic rings from tree branches in my forest- hah! I hauled the ladder around and some string and just hung them from the lowest branches I could find.

Depending on the age of the kids (I had 5-6 year olds) you could scale this game and make it harder by adding different obstacles they have to complete along their path. I also accidentally hung many of the rings too high for the kids so I had my older boys running the course and if someone yelled out “super boost!” they came and lifted them up to help them reach the higher rings.

Defeat Eggman Water Balloon Toss

Since it was a hot day I wanted work in a water game somehow. This one was very simple, throw water balloons at Eggman! My 9 year old son volunteered to be Eggman, and after they all had a turn throwing 3 balloons at him I asked if anyone else wanted a turn being Eggman. Several of them did so they each took turns being the villan trying to dodge the balloons as the kids threw them.

The kids took turns throwing water balloons to try to get Eggman!

Sonic Boom Party Game

The last game we played was a recycled game from our Marvel Party. The classic punch through the tissue paper to get what’s in the cup game. For this game I filled the cups with prizes and action strips. Once they punched through the tissue paper they had to retrieve the sonic action strip and do what it said to earn the prizes in the cup. I actually think I made the tissue too thick, it was hard for the kids to get through it. I think just one layer of tissue paper is best. If you want to see a video of how to put these together check out this reel.

Sonic boom party game, punch through the tissue to find out what Sonic action you get to do!

The Sonic action strips are just different sonic “moves” like “sonic speed” or “sonic roll”. The kids got to give us their best sonic impersonations while we all cheered and then they got their prizes. I wanted to add ring pops to the cups as well but couldn’t find any at our walmart. The sonic action strips are also included in the digital party pack.

Sonic action strips for the Sonic Boom game, included in digital party pack
Sonic action strips for the Sonic Boom game, included in digital party pack
Sonic Party Bundle
Sonic Party Bundle
Includes: cupcake toppers, happy birthday banner, sonic boom party game action strips, and sonic juice drink labels

After all this the kids were pretty tuckered out so we headed inside for air conditioning, cake and presents.

Sonic Digital Party Pack

The digital party pack comes with digital files to help you pull a Sonic together quickly and easily! The digital pack includes: Sonic drink labels, Sonic boom game action strips, cupcake toppers and happy birthday banner.

Fun printables to help you with your Sonic party!
Sonic Party Bundle
Sonic Party Bundle
Includes: cupcake toppers, happy birthday banner, sonic boom party game action strips, and sonic juice drink labels
Sonic cupcake toppers, included in digital party pack. Designed to be printed on Avery 2 1/2inch sticker lables. Or you can print on cardstock and cut them out.
sonic happy birthday banner
Sonic Happy Birthday Banner
Sonic drink labels- great for water bottles or gatorade!
Sonic drink labels- great for water bottles or gatorade!
sonic party game
Sonic boom game action strips

To purchase, just hit add to cart below.

Sonic Party Bundle
Sonic Party Bundle
Includes: cupcake toppers, happy birthday banner, sonic boom party game action strips, and sonic juice drink labels

Sonic Party Shopping List

Here’s a list of the items I mentioned in this post, hope that’s helpful! Thanks so much for shopping my links!

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