Father’s Day Mad Libs

As I write this my newborn is screaming on my lap.  Don’t worry, he’s fed, changed, burped and all that good stuff.  He just likes to scream :0. In any case I’ll make this brief as my brain is a bit scrambled.

There are so many cute Father’s Day questionnaires and fill in the blanks out there! I wanted to make one a little different than what I’ve seen, more of a mad libs style story about their Dad. They might not know about their Dad as a baby, so this can be a good opportunity to call Grandma on the phone and hear some stories! Or you can tell them what you know… OR they can just make it up (which often can lead to the best answers!).

father's day mad libs free printable

I had my boys fill it out to test the waters:

father's day mad libs free printable

To download this free printable just follow the button below, and please follow along on pinterest to make sure you aren’t missing any other freebies!

father's day mad libs free printable

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