Free 2017 Primary Newsletter Template

If you don’t do a newsletter in your primary, the new year is a great time to start.  Depending on how your ward works it might be best to have these printed out and handed out on last sunday of each month (for the following month) or if your ward is more tech-savvy just email it out or upload it to a FB group for your primary.  By the way if you don’t have a Facebook group for your primary you may want to consider starting one.  We have a mix in our ward so I try to deliver it both electronically and physically each month.  Hopefully one copy is seen by at least one parent 🙂

I spruced up my older newsletter to coordinate with all the other 2017 theme printables I have available on my blog.

free editable primary 2017 newsletter

I have two options available for you to download depending on whether your JR & SR primary are combined or not.  As you can see we put our assignments for the month in our newsletter, but we also deliver them in our primary mailbox each week as a reminder with our sharing time assignment cards.

So just download the version below that you would like to use and then you can add text in any photo editing software like photoshop, canva, picmonkey etc.

I hope this helps you and your primary!  And be on the look out for more 2017 theme coordinates coming your way 🙂

free editable primary 2017 newsletter

[ddownload id=”1166″ text=”Download Jr Sr Separate Newsletter Here”]

free editable primary 2017 newsletter

[ddownload id=”1167″ text=”Download Jr Sr Combined Newsletter Here”]


19 thoughts on “Free 2017 Primary Newsletter Template

  1. I would like to use this but I do not have a photo editing program on my computer, is there some other way?

  2. Hello, thanks for the great newsletter! Would it be possible to get this in Word? I type our newsletter at work. I can’t download any software on my work computer.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Debbie! No sorry my formatting would not work in word which is why i provide it as a jpeg- there are several websites where you can add text to it without having to download any software like picmonkey or canva 🙂

  3. Could I get a file that I could edit in photoshop? We have so many birthdays I need to move things around a little bit to fit everything in and make areas smaller or larger. Thanks.

  4. Could you send me a file that I can edit in photoshop too. We would love to use this for our Stake Newsletter and need to do the same as above post. Thank you for sharing you talents!

  5. Hello Alia,
    I was just wondering if you have a template of the combine jr and sr primary template that I may use? Thanks so much for your great templates and Primary cover binder.

  6. Alia, how awesome are you?! Thanks so much for all this stuff. I was recently called to be secretary too and am loving all your cute creations 🙂

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