Free Baby Shower Printable Tags

free baby shower printable food label

So right about the time we moved away from Tucson my little sister moved to Pheonix. I was so sad to leave her behind! But now, I’m finally cashing in on living near to her- she and her husband are in the area for a year while he completes part of his residency! Wahoo! I was so thrilled to hear that some ladies from church were throwing her a baby shower, even though they had just met her. Special souls I tell you.  So I drove the 1 1/2 hours to join the party 😉 I mulled over for awhile what to bring, and decided I really wanted to try my hand at Sally’s cake pops.  You know Sally right? She is a MUST-FOLLOW. I don’t even bother baking anything anymore unless it’s her recipe. So I thought, don’t these cake pops look like baby rattles?? It’s perfect for a baby shower! And they really were easy-peasy until it came to dipping them in the melted white chocolate.  Then I started to get a bit frustrated and had to kick my kids out of the kitchen so I could focus.

cake pops baby shower free printable tags

Anyway mine didn’t turn out nearly as beautiful as Sally’s, but they really were incredible. They are so rich you only need one or two and you are extremely satisfied. And I wanted to add a little something-extra to them for the special event so I made these tags and a little food label:

boy and girl free baby shower printables

Put the tags on AFTER you make the cake pops and they are nice and hardened so you don’t have melted chocolate all over them. I was a little worried about how tricky it would be to put them on, but it turned out to be not tricky at all. Just cut out the tags and put a little glue stick on it and then wrap around the stick until the ends line up and then press it down tight to the stick, and voila! Normally I use cardstock for pretty much everything, but in this case just regular printer paper is shower food idea

They would make great cupcake toppers too, just put them on a toothpick instead of a cake pop stick. Any other ideas of how you could use these?

And I am happy to personalize these tags for your event for $5 payable via paypal. Just email the gender and baby’s name to You will receive a digital PDF file that you can print or use how you would like.

baby shower tags for cupcakes or cake pops

You can download the tags & baby rattle sign below:

baby shower cupcake topper tags

baby shower free printables

baby shower food and decoration ideas

And check out my newborn photography & birth announcement post once that little one comes!

free baby shower printables and food ideas for boy and girl

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