Free Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

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free easter egg hunt and brunch invitation template, two options to choose from

Hey ho! Today I am bringing you a free Easter Egg Hunt Invitation template. This one I actually made for our ward Easter brunch that primary is in charge of. However it is very versatile and I have TWO options you can choose from to personalize.

Easter is around the corner. We have hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house for like 4 years in a row now? I think? We missed last year because I was days away from having a baby. But it is one of our favorite traditions. I love our property this time of year as all the wildflowers start blooming. Hubby and I always clash on the “whether to mow the lawn before the hunt” dilemma. I always want to keep it long so we can enjoy the wildflowers (plus it makes for better hiding!), he always wants to cut it so it looks clean and tidy. I have a full post about what we do, how we do it, what food we serve etc here. 


Instructions to Personalize this Invitation:

  1. Follow me on social media (Please and THANK YOU! ) Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest
  2. Download JPEG via the google drive link at the bottom of this post
  3. Open JPEG in photo editing program (examples: picmoneky, photoshop, iphoto, canva)
  4. Add text to JPEG to personalize invitation
  5. Save JPEG & upload it to your favorite photo printing location (I like costco!)
  6. Print as 4X6 photos
  7. OR skip all the hassle and email me at and I will personalize it for you for $10. You will receive a digital JPEG file that you can have printed wherever/however you like.

free easter egg hunt invitation

Depending on whether your Egg Hunt will include a brunch/food portion or not you may want to use one template over the other.

Option 1:

easter egg hunt and brunch invitation template, download add text and voila!

Option 2:

Free Easter Egg Hunt Invitation template

You can download both Free Easter Egg Hunt Invitation templates using the button below:

And if are interested in food ideas, free printables and Egg Hunt ideas for managing older & younger kids head over here. 

And now coordinating 8X10 Easter Egg Hunt prints here!

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