Free Printable Scratch Pad Valentines

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Man, we are growing quite a collection of free printable Valentines on the blog! And I’m here to share another non-candy kid-pleaser Valentine exchange idea for ya today. The only thing I ask is that you give me a follow on social media before you download, thanks friends! Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest

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My kids love these scratch off pads, so I had the idea a few years ago to make them into a Valentine hand out. Well the world was way ahead of me and when I checked amazon for some options they had this perfect kit that comes with the heart shaped pads, dowels for writing and envelopes, (oh and a ribbon so you can hang the heart up!) So that set is pretty ideal, and comes in a set of 40! But this printable could work with any sort of writing pad or pen/marker.

Free printable Valentines, print on stickers and then just put them on the envelopes!

Supplies Needed:

Scratch off Valentine classroom exchange idea

I did something a little different this time and made the printable compatible with the Avery 3 1/3″ X 4″ shipping labels. That way you can just print them straight on the stickers and then put the stickers on the envelopes. But that isn’t necessary, just a little easier. You can, of course, just print on regular paper and then cut them out and glue them on the envelopes.

Non-candy Valentine idea and free printable

There’s a spot for your kiddo to write their name and then you can tape the envelopes shut. Or put a cute heart sticker to close them. I’m honestly not sure if we will get to pass out Valentines this year because of COVID. How is it looking where you are? It makes me so sad, I feel like the kids have missed out on SO MUCH this past year.

Scratch off Valetines idea!

I love that the kit came with envelopes and dowles and everything! If you are ready to download these stickers just click on the image below to be taken to the google drive link. And I will try to share a video on Instagram showing how to assemble them if that’s easier for you!

Click to download

And if you’re looking for more Valentine ideas head over to the Valentine section of the blog!

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  1. My kids love the scratch off tags! We received these from a friend from Christmas and they went crazy scratching off everything 🙂 Thanks for sharing this idea and your fun Valentine’s labels!

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