Free Science Party Invitation Template

If you’re planning a fun STEM-inspired birthday party for mad scientists and budding nerds alike, I’ve got the perfect invitations for you! These invitations have such a fun color scheme that you can carry through the entire party and a fun use of the periodic table to really set the tone and theme. I actually have two versions, one is more generic that you can adapt and personalize on your own. The other uses elements from the periodic table to spell out the birthday boy or girls name. You can custom order those from me for just $10.

science party invitation template, uses the world "PARTY" like elements from the periodic table.
customize this science party invitation for your STEM-inspired bash!

You can download this template and add your own text by filling out the form below. I recommend downloading the jpeg file and then opening it in canva where you can add text boxes to create your own invitation. But if you’d rather not hassle with it, I can create your invitation for you for $10. Just shoot me an email to

Generic template that you can download and add your own details!

If you’re interested in a more personalized invitation I can actually take the name of the birthday kiddo and spell it with elements from the periodic table (some creative license may need to be taken depending on the name ; ) Here’s an example of how I did this with my son Jackson’s name:

Personalized science party invitation, $10 email details to

So are you planning a birthday party with a science theme? Make sure to set the tone right from the start with creative and fun science party invitations! Whether you’re hosting a mad scientist party, a space exploration adventure, or a hands-on science experiment extravaganza, your invitations can reflect the excitement and curiosity of your theme. If you’re looking for more inspiration for the rest of the party make sure you check out the full party post that gives all the details on decorations, food, activities and more!

I also have a digital science party bundle filled with all kinds of things to help you DIY your science party! (with a lot less work than starting from scratch!) It’s 20 pages of printables to help you on your way. You can add it to cart with the button below:

Science Party Bundle
This science party printable bundle will help you bring your party to life! Includes periodic table happy birthday banner, cupcake toppers, blank invitation (you can add text in canva), and generic lab coat badges. H2O water bottle labels, and 36 element printables to make a wall sized periodic table. 56 pages total

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