General Conference Trail Mix Activity

Here’s a fun and free General Conference activity for small kids! All you need is a few food items that you probably already have around the house! General Conference happens every 6 months in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

When I was preparing this blog post I asked my Oldest what General Conference was. “Yeah, yeah I know what it is Mom.”  “INDULGE ME, what is it?” “It’s when church is canceled and we stay home and watch the prophets on TV in our pajamas.” Yuuup, that pretty much sums it up ;).

general conference trail mix recipe and activity
Fun & free General Conference activity for young kids

General Conference can always be a challenge with little ones. I have a brilliant friend who came up with the idea of having general conference stations.  She has 4 stations (one for each child) and after each talk they rotate stations.  During the hymns they get a treat or snack.  How smart is that? So today I am here to share an activity that would be perfect for one of those stations…or just to do in general while watching General Conference 🙂

You’ll need a few different options for your child to add to their “trail mix” as they watch general conference.  We used peanuts, m&ms, raisins and marshmallows.  Other great add ins are dried fruit, any kind of nut and chocolate chips.  Similar to general conference bingo, when they hear certain “buzz” words, they add different ingredients to their trail mix.  My children are mostly motivated by food so I’m hoping this will keep their interest, for a time anywho.

general conference trail mix recipe and activity

You can download the trail mix “recipe” with the link below! (Head over and follow me on Instagram before you download, thanks!)

general conference trail mix recipe and activity
General Conference Trail Mix free printable

And here is a version with clipart for non-readers 🙂

general conference trail mix activity for little kids
General Conference Trail Mix Free Printable with clip art.
Some clipart above from Susan Fitch Design

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And if you’re looking for more General Conference activities & ideas be sure to check out my roundup from some of my favorite LDS bloggers!

I just added a second page with new words to keep things interesting! Maybe switch which page you are doing each session!

General Conference Trail Mix Free Printable page 2

What are your favorite conference traditions? And take a sec and help me out, follow along on pinterest/facebook/instagram! Many thanks!


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  1. Thanks for this! I wanted to change things up this year, my kids are teens now. Two of them have dyslexia, so having the pictures with the words is great for us and they of course love food, so I think this will be a hit! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

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