General Conference Roundup: 8 Awesome Activities for All Ages!

8 great general conference activities for all ages! includes free printables

I teamed up with some of my favorite blogging pals to bring you a fantastic round up of General Conference activities! Because with little ones (and ah..hem… sometimes older ones…) sometimes we could use a little help, yeah?

  1. General Conference Trail Mix by Party Like a Cherry: Have your kiddos listen to buzz words and add ingredients to their very own trail mix as they listen to conference!general conference trail mix recipe and activity
  2. Say What? General Conference Game from Little LDS Ideas: Get the whole family laughing with this version of the popular party game!SAY-WHAT-GENERAL-CONFERENCE-GAME
  3. 12 Apostles Memory Game by A Year of FHE: It always helps the kiddos stay more engaged if they can recognize some of the speakers! Spruce up on your apostles with this fun game!GeneralConfereceMemory
  4. Kid General Authorities Coloring Book & Matching Game from Family Locket: I love the idea of matching the general authorities to photos of them as children! Brilliant! She also has some fun coloring pages. matching-game
  5. Conference Treasure Map by Writing in the Stillness: a fun approach to taking notes at Conference!conference treasure map
  6. How to Prepare for General Conference with a Paperclip by Prickly Pear Design Co: This is less an activity and more preparation spiritually for all the General Conference weekend entails, if you have teens be sure to check out this post!PPDC-Gen-Conf-with-a-Paperclip-Handouts
  7. Draw the Speaker pages from A Year of FHE: We use these almost every conference, a great activity for one of your General Conference “stations” I mention in my trail mix post.LDS_DrawTheSpeaker_General-Conference
  8. General Conference Sundae Activity from Little LDS Ideas: I’ll be honest and say my kids need some motivation to pay attention (even if its just for a few talks), check out this awesome idea to keep them engaged!General-Conference-Sundaes-2

I know you found something (or many somethings) to use this conference weekend! Enjoy!


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