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I know any self-respecting blogger had all of their Halloween stuff posted on like… July 5th?  Call me old-fashioned, I don’t think too much about Halloween until October 1.  Well, I guess that is not totally true, we think about costumes all year (what 6 and 4 year old don’t?), but no Halloween decorations allowed until October 1.

We have a board hanging in our entry way that I like to change up with the seasons and holidays throughout the year.  It was originally intended to be up just for Christmas time to hold all of our Christmas cards.  But then I liked it so much I decided to keep it up.  I wanted something Halloween-y to hang on it this year.  And when it comes to decorations I prefer: free/cheap, easy and something I don’t have to leave the house for (have I mentioned my disdain for shopping with my kiddos?).  So I present to you, my Halloween Boo banner!  Decorate your house for the season simply by pressing print!  The best part?  You don’t even need a color printer for this baby 🙂

halloween boo banner free printable Hang it from clothespins (as I’ve done here), punch holes and thread a fun orange ribbon through it, twine…whatever floats your boat.  Hang it over your front door, a window, entryway, fireplace, you get the idea 😉  I did want to give the banner a little pop of color so I spray painted the clothespins “pumpkin orange”. The “trick or treat” sign I picked up at the dollar store, and the stuffed bat was Oldest’s contribution.  He was insistent.

boo banner B O

boo banner 0 !

boo banner bats

I come out with new printables almost every week so make sure you follow along on Pinterest or Facebook to catch my Thanksgiving  & Christmas banners coming soon… (but not too soon, ya know, enjoy October for what it is!)

So if you are looking for something to add to your Halloween party to make it a bit more festive, look no further 😉 Download the banner below.

Font I used:


free printable halloween "boo" banner


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