Halloween Family Costume Ideas

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Over the years we’ve had some fun family costume themes for Halloween, and every time I share them on Instagram people seem to have so many questions so I decided to make this into a full blog post! Unfortunately it seems that a family theme is getting harder and harder these days as my kiddos all have their own separate passionate ideas of what they want to be. But usually we can still pull together a coalition of a few of us ;). I hope this helps spark your creativity and give you some inspiration for your costumes! And as with all Halloween costumes, I encourage you to scrounge your house and local thrift stores for items before purchasing something new! However I did provide a list of links to help you if you do need to purchase something new.

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Cops & Robbers Family Costume

A classic! I believe this was the first year that we had a “family theme.” It was determined by my oldest who wanted to be a Police Man. I was a bit obsessed with the baby inmate onesie I found on amazon (linked below) for the babe (look at the those “tattoos!). And of course its such an easy costume to pull off for adults. All you need is a striped shirt and a black beanie.

Cops & Robbers Family Costume Idea

Toy Story Family Costume

This may be my most favorite family costume we pulled off. Well maybe not my favorite theme (I’ll save that for last), but little Mr. Potato Head is probably like the cutest thing ever. I mean. Right?

Toy Story Family Costume

Mr Potato Head and Little Bo Peep were hand made by my amazing mother in law. But I’ve rounded up some links that I hope will be helpful for you if you choose this theme! Buzz we mostly just made out of construction paper and a white tshirt. Then we got the head covering and some inflatable wings and some gloves.

Toy Story Kids Costumes Ideas

Star Wars Family Costume

Another classic is the Star Wars gang with so many different configuration possibilities. I was very pregnant and not in the mood to dress up this year if I remember right. But one day I might have to make up for it and be Leia. Jedi is such a simple costume too, all you really need is a Jedi Robe and a light saber and you’re good to go.

Star Wars Family Costume
Jedi Knight Homemade Robes

Spooky Themed Family Costumes

I’ll never forget the year we all went as something “spooky”. It was so adorable when my oldest son came up with the idea and thought he was so clever for being spooky things for Halloween. “You know mom, since Halloween is spooky?!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him its the oldest trick in the book. We had 2 pumpkins, a ghost, a skeleton, Dracula and a witch.

Spooky family costume ideas
Spooky Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Family Costumes

Another classic is the Harry Potter gang! You’ll notice we have a Gold Ninja and a Megalodon (not a shark, friends) that refused to participate. #reallife. But We have our Harry of course, Dobby, Professor McGonagall and Arthur Weasley. Dobby was just some tattered fabric and yoda ears (from previous year) I flipped upside down.

Harry Potter Family Costumes

I made a little Ministry of Magic badge for Mr Weasley to wear and reused my witch costume with an added green cloak for myself.

Greek Gods Family Costume

Ok, this one is my favorite. And the hubby shoulda been Zeus but was being a stinker about participating. And once again not everyone participated, but we got a coalition of us. And it was awesome. I was pretty proud of myself making the Poseidon and the cupid outfits on my own with LOTS of help from the tutorials over on Make it and Love it. Of course hers are like EXTRA EXTRA. So go check those out for sure!

Greek God Costumes

You might recognize the green cloak from my McGonagall costume, I always try to shop my house first! I really milked what I figured was probably the last year to decide for my youngest what he was going to be for Halloween. I mean, I think I used that power pretty wisely, don’t you?? HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING CUTER, LIKE EVER?

Toddler Cupid Costume

Below is a list of a lot of the things I purchased to put these costumes together.

Poseidon DIY Costume

There are so many fun Greek Gods you could add to this line up. This year I just finishing up making my son’s Mandalorian costume and I’m contemplating whether I have time/energy to make myself into Cora Dune. We’re also going to have a Roman Soldier, Jack Sparrow and a the four year old changes his mind every day. Maybe next year I can rally everyone into a theme again because I personally think its a blast. Happy costume gathering friends!

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