Halloween Mad Libs Ghost Story

This fun Halloween Mad Libs prompt will help kids tell their own ghost story with a little help to get started. This would be a great activity at a Halloween party or a Language Arts activity at school. I’m working on getting Mad Libs up on my site for every holiday so now we have Halloween covered! I created two versions, one is more of a Mad Libs fill in the blank style (at least to get them started). The other is more or less a blank lined page (on fun spooky paper) so the kids can write their own ghost story from scratch. It might be fun to provide both options depending on how creative the child is feeling about the task.

Halloween Mad-Libs style Ghost Story Prompt

You’ll notice the first half is more fill in the blanks, and then hopefully they can take it from there and write the conclusion of the story on their own. It might be helpful to read through the story as a class or group first before you hand out the papers. The spooky font may be a little tricky to read for the younger ones. And if this activity works well for your class or group try the Thanksgiving version in a few weeks!

Let them come up with their own Ghost Story from scratch with this blank template

Whether you’re sharing these ghostly tales around a campfire, during a Halloween party, or just to get into the spooky spirit, mad libs are a fantastic way to engage your creativity and share some laughs with friends and family. This ghost story mad libs printable allows you to personalize your own spine-tingling narratives, making it a fantastic addition to your Halloween traditions. Go ahead and download it with the button below.


And you can check out more of my free Halloween printables and ideas in this post.

Free printable Halloween Mad Libs Ghost Story Prompt

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