Harry Potter DIY Sorting Hats

If you are looking for a fun and yummy way to sort people into their proper Hogwarts houses, I’ve got you covered! You can make these edible sorting hats with all store bought ingredients! Ice cream cones, cookies, frosting and m&ms! We used these at my son’s Harry Potter birthday party and they were a huge hit!

Make these DIY sorting hats for your Harry Potter event!

How to Assemble the Sorting Hats

  • First you need the sugar ice cream cones, the ones that look like the pointed top of a witches hat of course! I would plan on buying about double what you need since they are a bit fragile and chances are there will be some casualties along the way.
  • Next you will need frosting. I used store bought royal icing since that tends to harden up quickly and really hold like glue. It was a little hard for some of them to open the hats in the end so maybe regular frosting would be better?
  • Sprinkles are a nice touch, you’ll want to spread frosting around the base of the cone and then roll it around in the brown or black sprinkles.
  • Next you’ll want to add a frosting along the rim of the of the ice cream cone, fill it with m&ms (have them presorted by color so you can quickly add them) and then press it onto a cookie. I used oatmeal cookies from walmart because they seemed nice and flat and large enough.
  • You can use blue, red, yellow and green m&ms to differentiate between the houses.
  • Let them harden up and you are good to go!
Make your own Harry Potter sorting hats!

I also have a fun printable that goes along with choosing their house. We only used Gryffindor and Ravenclaw to keep things simpler so the printable reflects that.

The printable is part of the Harry Potter Party Pack you can buy with the button below!

Harry Potter Party Bundle
The entire Harry Potter party digital bundle. 25 pages of printables to help you rock this party! Includes: happy birthday banner, house badges, potion labels, wizarding class signs, cupcake toppers and more! For more sneak peeks of what's inside check out the end of the blog post.
harry potter party digital bundle 24 pages of printables

Once we had the kids divided into houses they got a house scarf to identify them for the remainder of the party. We had different activities like quidditch, potions class, and of course a banquet in the great hall! But you can read all about it in the full party post. I hope this gives you some inspo for your Harry Potter event!

Harry Potter house scarves

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