Harvest Festival Invitation

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I was asked to make the invitation for our church harvest festival so I’m making that available for you today :).

harvest or fall festival invitation free template

You can either do it yourself by downloading the blank template, opening the JPEG in an editing program (such as picmonkey, picasa, canva, photoshop etc) and adding text. OR, I can personalize it for you. I charge $7 payable via paypal and you will receive a digital JPEG file in return that you can then have printed. If you would like to do that, just email the details you would like on your invitation to partylikeacherry@gmail.com

These are sized at 4X6 and I recommend having them printed as photos for best results.

free harvest festival template

Sorry I am not very verbose today but nap time is over (says the crying baby) so I gotta run. And lets be real, you’re really here for the download anyway 😉

Although while your here I would SO appreciate if you took a moment to follow me on your social media platform of choice. I want to be able to keep offering all these freebies and this helps me to do so! Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram

Happy sweater/legging/boot-wearing fall! (apparently my favorite thing about fall is the clothing…)

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