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So my kids are big fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies.  And now that we have discovered the original Netflix series based off of the movies, I dare say they are obsessed. So I called Oldest into the office and we brainstormed some ideas for valentines day cards.  This is what we came up with- what do you think?

The super cute clipart came from Dorky Prints.
The super cute clipart came from Dorky Prints.

I made two versions because in some cases its a lot easier to not have a “to” and just have your child sign all the valentines and hand them out to whomever.  But there are both options for whatever rocks your boat 😉

how to train your dragon valentines day cards from only clipart version

Some ideas on what to do with these after you print them on cardstock (FYI I like to use white backgrounds when I plan on using my own printer, ya know, since ink cartridges cost an arm and a leg):

Your on fire valentine:  Attach “hot tamales” with double sided tape (or any “hot” candy)

I hope this candy doesn’t leave you toothless: staple jawbreakers to the back

May our friendship last like a good hiccup: punch a hole with a hole puncher and slip a lollipop through it

Any other ideas out there? I’d love to hear if you guys have some creative ideas.  🙂

Use these to send with your kids for their classmates, for a valentines party, or just for your family 🙂  Happy v-day my friends.

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