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Well, i’m awarding myself bonus points for getting the bulletin board finalized before February.  It seems with each passing year I fall further and further behind!  Is it just me?  I should have it all down by now and be further ON TOP of things… right?  In any case, after much inspiration from the Friend, the primary presidency facebook page, and my counselors, we settled for the superhero theme.  And each month we will introduce our “scripture hero” (to see how we are introducing our scripture heroes check out this post).  So here’s the finished board:

2016 primary bulletin board scripture hero idea. This site has tons of primary free printables and ideas!

In the red squares we will  be adding the scripture hero of the month from the Friend (again for more details on that read this post).

And of course a free printable for you!  You can get my other super-hero themed (like the search, ponder and pray signs) printables over on this post.

free "i know the scriptures are true" superhero-themed bannerdownload here button

What fun things are you doing in your primary this year?  I love hearing what everyone is up to.  And follow along on Pinterest if you want to stay up-to-date on everything we’re up to in our primary 🙂


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