It’s Great to be 8! birthday party & baptism ideas

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Whether you are planning a birthday party for a lucky 8-year-old, a  baptism or a baptism preview here are some great ideas and free printables to get you started!  Cause hey- it’s great to be 8!

great to be eight pinnable image
Free printables for a Great to be 8 celebration!

How to Make 8s out of Donuts!

To assemble the “8”s I used 12 inch skewers, and this amazing nutella baked donut recipe from wonky wonderful.   I’m a big fan of nutella friends.  (I did substitute milk for water in the glaze to make it a bit creamier).  If you haven’t joined the world of baked donuts yet, let me invite you!  Yum!  And you don’t have to venture into boiling vats of oil…always a plus for me.  You will need a donut pan, I have this one and it makes perfect sized donuts to fit two on a 12 inch skewer with room for the tag at the bottom.  Print tags (below) on cardstock, punch holes and tie with ribbon 🙂 Easy peasy.

great to be 8 donuts
These donut “8”s are perfect for birthday parties, baptism refreshments or after a baptism preview!
great to be 8 donut
Get these free printable tags with the form at the bottom of the post

My friend’s son got baptized yesterday (in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this happens at the exciting age of 8) and we brought these for refreshments.  You could also package them individually and use as party favors or for the kids in your class/primary as they turn 8.  And of course if you are looking at mass production & ease you could always buy a couple bags of mini donuts.  In that case you probably want to use smaller than 12 inch skewers.  What’s your tradition for kids when they turn 8 or get baptized??

great to be 8 donut tray
Perfect baptism refreshment!

At the beginning of the year when we did our baptism preview in primary I found these adorable printables from Printastic Design.  

I was in love with the color scheme.  I also saw this great (pun intended) idea on Dixie Delights and instantly wanted similar tags that matched the Printastic Design color scheme (call me OCD!) What do you think?

great to be 8 tags boy
Free printable It’s great to be 8 tags, blue
great to be 8 tags girl
Free printable It’s great to be 8 tags, pink

These tags  are versatile and could be used as name place cards, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels…any other ideas out there?  I’d love to see a creative way you used them!

  We also needed handouts for our attendees with some information to help them prepare for their baptism.  Again, I tried to make them to match the Printastic Design printables.  So if you put my printables together with hers you should be set for a well-decorated and coordinated baptism, baptism preview or birthday party!

Baptism Preview handouts boys
Baptism preview printable, blue
Baptism Preview handouts girls
Baptism preview printable, pink

There are 2 separate columns, one on how they can spiritually prepare for their baptism, and the other more of a checklist of how they can logistically prepare.  There is a spot for them to fill in their baptism date at the bottom.  Print these on cardstock and they can take them home and frame them, hang them on their fridge, or and put it on their nightstand to help them prepare for the big day!

Our baptism preview turned out to be a really nice event to help the kids feel less intimidated by what was to come.  Our bishopric counselor is genius and actually took the children into the bishops office and had a mock baptismal interview with them so they would know what to expect.  Then we took them to the font, let them walk down into it, showed them where they would come out, where they would get dressed, what they would wear etc.  We walked them through the whole event!  We discussed Activity Days & Scouting and gave them their Faith in God books.  Finally it was donut & milk time 🙂

baptism preview pinnable image

Baptism free printables!

UPDATE: Rainbow color scheme now available in handouts & tags:

great to be 8 baptism preview rainbow handouts
Baptism preview printable, rainbow

great to be 8 rainbow tags
It’s great to be 8 tags, rainbow


I’ve now had 3 sons baptized so you can check out their posts below:


22 thoughts on “It’s Great to be 8! birthday party & baptism ideas

  1. How cute! Last year I served in Primary, and so I got to help with the ward’s “Great to be 8” night. These ideas would have been so helpful. Now I’m in RS, so I’ll stash the idea away until my kids get older.

  2. I am a brand new Primary President (since November) and have been trying to come up with an idea for our “Great to be 8” program. Your design is perfect and absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to use it next month. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these! You have made my life so much easier and I know our eight-year-olds will love these!

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