4th of July Party Game Quiz

Independence day always has me feeling nostalgic.  Growing up we lived in this quaint little commuter town on the outskirts of Manhattan.  July 4th was quite the town event being held at the local park, which is really an old estate that was donated to the town once upon a time.  It is a rather exclusive event and you have to show proof of town residency to score a parking ticket.  Families would show up with lunch and dinner and plop themselves down somewhere on the several-acre open lawn and settle in for the long haul.  A big brass band would play music from the 40s and families would mingle from picnic blanket to picnic blanket showing off their recently cape cod-acquired tans.  Once the sun went down a rather impressive firework show would light up the sky for the next 30 minutes.  And just as it would be drawing to a close our Dad would yank us all up and herd us to the car to “beat the crowds”.  All 11 of us would lug our coolers and lawn chairs towards the van as we could hear the finale booming behind us.  My snobby town aside, that method of celebrating the 4th is near and dear to my heart.  And now that I am all grown and moved away and have experienced the holiday all over the states, I can really appreciate how perfect it was.

Annnnyway, on to the the FREE stuff! I’m working with some other great bloggers on a 4th of July package of free printables and recipes to make your celebration a huge hit this year.  I have a FREE PRINTABLE party game to test how patriotic your guests really are:

july 4 US history party game quiz

Quiz your guests while you are waiting for the hamburgers to finish grilling, or do it with the kids while you are waiting for the sun to go down for the fireworks.  It will be a great opportunity to talk with your children about some of the highlights of US history and the founding of our nation.  Heck, you could even make it into an FHE lesson.

But WAIT! Your party is not complete yet, head over to Teepee Girl to download some free decorations, including the banner and print below:

Patriotic Flag Banner (2)

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the 4th? Does your town have a fun tradition?

For more Fourth of July free printables check out this post! 

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