Kindergarten Halloween Bingo Printable

I have a fun creative twist on Bingo that is perfect for kiddos working on their letter identification and formation! In this bingo you call out a letter “B is for Bat” and if they have that on their bingo sheet, they trace the letter B to fill in the square. These sheets can be slipped into sheet protectors and you can use dry erase markers so the game can be played for several rounds. I was pretty proud of my creativity on this one, so I hope you have fun with it in your home or classroom! Did I mention it’s free?

This free printable Bingo game is perfect for kids working on their letters!

If you want to use these bingo cards to play traditional bingo, of course you can do that too. In which case you most definitely need candy corn to act as your square markers. To make your “draw pile” just cut one set of the cards up into squares. This would be great for preschoolers as well! It would be an awesome activity at a preschool Halloween party or a station at a Kindergarten Halloween day.

Halloween Bingo free printable sheets

You can download these Bingo cards with the form below-

Practice motor skills while having fun with this Bingo Boo printable game!

Halloween is such a magical time for kids, especially those in kindergarten. The excitement, the costumes, and the anticipation of treats make it a season like no other. But it’s also an excellent opportunity for young learners to have fun while honing their skills. Our free printable letter tracing bingo game is a fantastic resource to combine the joy of Halloween with the educational benefits of letter recognition and fine motor skill development. And if you’re looking for more Halloween ideas and printables head over here.

Bingo Boo Free printable

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