Knights & Dragons Medieval Party Games

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I’ve got some fun games and activities that would be great for any Medieval or Royal themed party and can be adapted for lots of ages. Whether you’re planning a birthday bash fit for a king or a Renaissance faire for your friends, incorporating authentic medieval party games can elevate your event to a whole new level of fun and authenticity. And the best part is you can recreate the excitement of medieval festivities in your own backyard! And if you are looking for the full party post with all the details from A-Z head over here.

Decorate Your Own Shield Craft

A great way to start any party is with a bit of a crafty project. I have found it works great as an icebreaker and allows people to arrive late and not really miss anything, without having to wait to get the party started. Just have the supplies set up and as people arrive you can show them what you’re doing and they can jump in and start. Everyone crafts at a different rate so as people finish they can hang out and by then they’re usually warmed up to each other and feeling less shy.

Make your own shields out of plywood for your Medieval party!

We started our Knights & Dragons party by decoration our own shields. After all, with a day of dragon-slaying ahead, they needed some protection to start off with! I made all the shields prior to the party. If you want to see the process video of how we did that you can check that out here. But the general jist is that I first made a template out of poster board and then used that template to trace shields onto a large sheet of plywood. We then cut the shields out with a jig saw and sanded them. Last, we painted them with some silver spray paint. For a finishing touch I added their names with my cricut. Of course using “sir” or “lady” for their title.

Let them decorate their own shields with paint pens. Have some dragon pictures they can look at or trace.

The tricky part was trying to get some handles on there. But my son was insistent. I ended up using some faux leather material I had left over from a Halloween costume and cutting strips for the handles and then using short screws to screw them into the plywood. It’s been several years and they’ve actually held up! They were great for the party but they also made the perfect party favor and the kids were excited to bring them home.

DIY medieval shields, a fun activity for a Knights & Dragons party

Now for the fun part, I laid all the shields out on a table with lots of fun supplies for the kids to decorate their own shield. I printed lots of fun dragon images and had transfer/tracing paper there so they could trace the dragons onto their shield. Or of course they could make their own designs. We had sharpies and paint pens and things like that for them to draw with.

Target Practice Medieval Party Game

After the kids were done with their shields and everyone had arrived we moved onto target practice. I just set up some targets and had the kids shoot at them. I think it would be fun to stick with bow & arrow like this for the target practice to keep with the Medieval theme. We used some nerf guns though, since that’s what we had on hand.

Set up some targets and have the kids work on their knightly aim!

I found these little castles at Walmart during Valentines season, they are actually valentines boxes. I put a point value on each one and just had the kids shoot at them racking up points (like pinball in real life kind of). I told them they really needed to hone their knightly skills to prepare for their dragon slaying quest ahead.

Dragon Slaying Obstacle Course

The pinnacle of our party was our Dragon Slaying obstacle course! This is what they had trained and prepared for. Eight dragons had escaped and been let loose on our property and I needed our knights (and one lady) to round them up and defeat them before they burned us all to a crisp!

Each dragon had an obstacle that the knight had to conquer before they could slay the dragon. And it culminated in our dragon pinata, of course the Alpha dragon that needed to be slayed to save us all! The obstacle course kept the kids busy for a good 30-40 minutes and really tired them out. And in order to earn a hit at the pinata they had to complete the obstacle course. So for every hit they wanted to take at the pinata dragon they had to go back and complete the entire obstacle course. It was good motivation! Those kids did it over and over! You can check out a video of it here. I didn’t really get any photos since I was running around like a crazy woman trying to time them and help them so you’ll have to watch the video!

Create a dragon slaying obstacle course for a super fun Medieval party activity

The dragons were just pictures of dragons I had printed out on my computer and put up on cardboard around the yard. They were given foam swords (from the dollar store) to slay the dragons. Next to each dragon was an obstacle including: dodge the fiery darts (red yarn course), wind tunnel of doom (refrigerator box with big fans blowing), Volcano mountain (climbing dome we have in our yard), cross the mote (walk across our seesaw without falling), rescue the damsel in distress (rope course where we tied two ropes from one tree to another and they had to balance across the bottom one while holding onto the top one), scale the castle wall (climb up the rock wall on our swing set), and finally the pinata! 

I hope that’s helpful as you pull together your own Medieval gathering. For a Royal Invitation head over here for a free printable. For Medieval party decoration ideas head over here.

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  1. Hey Alia,
    I love how creative you are. Anyone who loves the Medieval genre would fall in love with these designs.
    The kids seem to love it. A personalized name shield would be the best gift for a kid.

    Keep sharing such beautiful ideas.

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