L is for Lollipop Stickers

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I always have all these ideas floating around in my head of cute things to do for my kids, their parties, their sports teams etc. But you know, life. This is one of those times where I actually made it happened AND photographed it so I could bring it to you! It’s the small miracles people. These L is for Lollipop stickers would be great for Letter L week in preschool, joy school or Kindergarten. They would also make great St. Patrick’s Day treats or rainbow party favors!

Now, I made these to be printed on Avery 2 1/2″ diameter round labels. Then you just have to peel and stick on the lollis. But of course you could also just print them on cardstock and cut and glue (or use your cutting machine to cut them out.)

Perfect for rainbow parties, st patrick’s day or Letter L week.

The lollipops I got at the dollar store, and they come with their own yellow sticker (you can see the rim of if behind the sticker I put on). So I just centered my sticker on top of theirs. I found, after doing a couple, that it still showed through a little so then I put a blank white sticker on and then the L is for lolllipop sticker over that and then I couldn’t see through at all.

Just follow the link below to download these stickers, and tag me #partylikeacherry if you use them so I can see your creations!

Web Printing

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One thought on “L is for Lollipop Stickers

  1. I agree! The “L is for Lollipop” stickers would be a great addition to any Letter L week activities. They would also be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day parties or rainbow-themed events. The bright colors and fun design would appeal to kids of all ages.

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