Last Minute Trunk or Treat Idea

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Heading to a trunk or treat tonight and need an easy last minute idea? I’ve got you covered, this is SO easy and you probably have the items around the house. If you have a little more time before your trunk or treat you can make it even better, but if not. No worries. You really don’t even have to decorate your trunk for this one!

All you need is a red apron, hair net and a name badge for this Halloween costume!

My husband and I went as Costco sample workers and it was a big hit! All you need really are aprons (red is preferred) and cupcake liners. And if you want to be extra get some hair nets and food gloves. We set up a table in front of our trunk, used a red dollar store plastic table cover and laid out the Halloween candy in cupcake liners as our “samples”. I made name badges and a price sign for our table and I have them as free printables for you to make this SO SIMPLE.

Use cupcake liners to put the Halloween candy out for the kiddos.

Here are the red aprons we used, they came in a 2 pack. They were perfect! I’m going to keep this idea in my back pocket any time we need an easy costume. I was going to wear a white collared shirt and black pants underneath but it ended up being a cold and windy night so I went for warmth. Extra points if you hand them out with food gloves and say, “is it alright with your parents?” 😉

Set this sign up on your table so everyone knows your a Costco sample table! (notice how I didn’t even have to decorate my trunk??)

I actually heard one mom tell her kiddos to skip our table because we were selling something! Hah! I was like no no come get your candy! I made myself manager and my husband assistant manager mainly to be a little funny with him but I also have a badge that just says “samples” as part of the free printables. The font to use when filling out your name is Times New Roman. You can get the badges along with the candy sign by filling out the form below:


There you are! I hope that gets you out of a Trunk or Treat pickle, have fun out there! And check out these other last minute Halloween ideas.

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