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We had these Lego silicone bracelets leftover from my son’s Ninjago party and I thought they would make the perfect Valentine’s gifts for all of their classroom exchanges. I know some schools have rules about no candy so this would be a great option! And for a great price!

Pin Me! Free Lego Valentines Printables

After taking a poll on Instagram it sounds like most of you prefer to just have a “from” spot for your kiddo’s name. That way they can give them to whoever and don’t have to dig through their bag for the right one. Some of you even said it was not allowed to personally address the Valentine’s at your child’s school. But there were some of you that said that it was required to have a “to” and a “from”, that it was part of their handwriting homework to fill out the Valentine’s. So I thought I better make both! So there are two options, both an option with a “to & from” and an option with just “from”.

Non candy lego Valentine idea and printable

Of course this printable can go with any lego-themed object. It works great with these bracelets and the kids love them. Just cut out the strips and thread them through the bracelet and staple the end.

Other Ideas to Pair With this Printable

perfect for classroom exchanges

You can download these with the Google Drive link below. And if you use them I’d love you to tag me on social media @partylikeacherry. (I won’t see it if your account if private but you can DM me a photo to share!).

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