Light the World 2018 Lunchbox Challenge

They are changing things up with Light the World this year! Instead of a daily theme and scripture there are going to be 4 weekly themes. I was a little relieved to hear that as I found it a tad overwhelming to do 25 things last year! We tried our best but definitely didn’t do it every day!

Light the World 2018 Lunchbox Challenge, great to do with your kids

So as I updated the popular Light the World lunchbox challenge this year, I adapted it to the four weekly themes. And the good news is there is only 5 challenges per week! Wahoo! One for each school day. You can put these in your child’s lunchbox each day (as the name suggests) and some of the things are meant for them to do right there at school. But some things (even though I tried to make it mostly independent) will need a little parental help. So you could also put it on your child’s breakfast plate, on their pillow or hang it on the fridge.

I tried, again, to make most of these “independent” activities. But some of them will take a bit of guidance or assistance from a parent. One day your child is asked to share a pass along card and on another day a snack, so make sure to include those things in their lunches!

Light the World 2018 kids acitivity

Each week is assigned a sphere of influence where we can do good. So using that as my guide (and I came up with the 20 challenges. If you have cardstock that would be great, but not necessary, for these challenge cards. Plus there are blank cards available as well in case one of the challenges doesn’t work for your family you can come up with your own. There’s ALSO blank cards at the back that say Merry Christmas and would be great to use any time the challenge calls for “writing a note”.

The Light the World campaign is a tool to help us be more Christ-like during the Christmas season. I hope that you find these free printables valuable in achieving that goal this season!

light the world 2018 challenge cards for your kids

Please let me know how it goes with you and your family! You can comment here, or use #partylikeacherry on instagram.  

And please remember that all thoughts opinions on my blog are my own and I in no way speak for or on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is my own take and my own interpretation of #lighttheworld 🙂

Merry Christmas Friends! Stay tuned on Instagram as I share my family’s experience with Light the World. And also a Light the World roundup from all my favorite LDS bloggers coming soon!! UPDATE: Roundup now available here! 

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