Patriotic Bingo

If you’ve been around for awhile you may remember my Bingo Boo. I’ve been meaning to make similar printables for all the holidays and finally got around to making them for the Fourth of July! This is a fun twist on your normal Bingo game as it’s a little letter tracing practice at the same time! It’s great for pre-K and kinder kids to play as a class activity (can work great around Memorial Day as well). Or it can be modified into regular bingo for older children of course!

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What I like to do is print the bingo cards out (I created four different versions) and slip them into page protectors, then the kids can use a dry erase marker to trace the letter to mark that they have that square. Then when there is a winner they can erase their boards and play again.

Fun and free Fourth of July game!

To Play Patriotic Bingo:

  • Print the bingo cards with the google drive link at the end of this post
  • Cut the squares out of one of the cards
  • Use the squares you cut out as the pile of bingo cards to draw from
  • Slip the bingo cards into page protectors and hand out to children with a dry erase marker (print additional cards if needed)
  • Draw a bingo card from the cards you cut out and announce it to the children, “F is for Flag”
  • The children then trace the F on their card to mark the square
  • When a child gets 4 in a row they win, the children can erase their boards and play again
Patriotic Bingo free printable game cards. Perfect game for Fourth of July

An alternative activity idea for just one child is to print out 2 boards, cut out the squares on one of the boards, and then have the child go through on their own and pick a square, find the match on their board, and then trace the letter. When the fill the board the can erase and do it again.

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