Polar Express Bell Tags

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I’m back with segment 2 of our Polar Express Christmas party (invitations here, printable tickets here, polar express quote subway art here)- the party favors.  Santa will be handing these out to all the good little boys & girls when they sit on his knee.

polar express party favor bell tagsWe loved the idea of handing out bells to the children to go along with the theme of the book, but we also wanted it to have some more spiritually significant meaning.  I like the spiritual parallels in the book, and this tag just brings them a little more to the forefront.  When we believe in Christ, we hear & feel him (often through the Holy Ghost).

You can print these out in two ways:

  1.  Print them out on regular 8.5X11 cardstock printer paper from home or at Kinkos
  2. Print them out as 4X6 photos at walmart or the like.  Just depends on the finish you want for your tags.

Then punch holes, tie a pretty ribbon, and attach a bell.  After doing some thorough research my awesome counselor Korilyn found them for the best price here on Amazon.  They are silver and smaller than the one pictured in the photo above, but sill a good size we thought. You can also check your dollar store, I found some great ones there around Christmas, 9 in a pack.

polar express bell tags 4X6
Polar Express Bell Tags Printable
polar express party favor bell tags
Polar Express Bell Tags

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UPDATE: I now have bell tags that are just the movie quote if that is what you prefer:

polar express bell party favor tags free printable
Polar Express Movie quote bell tags, “the bell still rings for those who truly believe”

And you can print those with the button below (I recommend printing on cardstock for best results):


I also have available an entire Polar Express Party pack in my shop that includes these tags and so much more (like train tickets, banners and more)

If you use my tags be sure to tag your photos with #partylikeacherry so I can check out all your fun ideas! And for more polar express party ideas and printables see my full Polar Express party post here.


16 thoughts on “Polar Express Bell Tags

  1. I throw a polar express party every year at my house. Thanks you and your amazing talents, I can tie in Christ to my party too!

  2. I LOVE the bell tag with Christ on it but am trying to figure out how i can make each individual tag a 4×6 i would love to have them a little bigger. Do you have a file of them a little bigger?

  3. Thank you for sharing and doing all of the hard work! I wondered if you have a download of the bell tags with the Savior in a different size? I would like to print them as single 4×6’s, 5×7’s and 8×10’s to put in frames on some of the tables along with the other subway art. If you don’t have a download available, would it be possible to arrange for you to do that?

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