Polar Express Party Invitation

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I’ve got a fun Polar Express party invitation for you to help you throw an epic Christmas party this season. You can purchase the template (thank you so much for your support!) and instructions on how to add text are below. Alternatively you could purchase the entire Polar Express party bundle that is over 20 pages of printables for your party! You can see more details on that over here.

Polar Express Invitation
Polar Express Invitation
Polar Express Christmas party invitation template, download JPEG and add text in a program like canva.

polar express party invitation example

This is what our  finished invitations looked like (personal details were altered). Whether its a ward party, work party, children’s birthday party or neighborhood gathering these invitations can be edited to fit your needs.  Just download the file and open it in an editing program (free and user friendly ones include picasa & picmonkey).  Have them printed as a 4X6 at Walmart (they give out free envelopes if you ask nicely!) or Costco (best quality & pricing).

How to Edit this Template

After you purchase you will be emailed a google drive link, from there you can download the jpg file and save it to your computer (check your downloads folder!) Then you can just add text in any photo editing software or site (like picmonkey or canva<— there’s a canva & a picmonkey tutorial saved to my Instagram highlights). If you would prefer to not hassle with all the editing yourself, I can also personalize these invitations for your event for $10.  Email me at partylikeacherry@gmail.com with event details if you are interested in doing that.

Polar Express Invitation
Price: $1.99

2017 UPDATE: As this is my most popular order please assist me by making sure all the following information is included in your email request: date, time, location, ward or organization name (if applicable), attire notes if desired, and any other information you would like included. I always try to get a proof back to you as quickly as my schedule allows (usually within 24 hours) for you to review. I can also make it into a poster size (transfers best to a 20X30) for an additional $5 if you are interested in that.

polar express invitation free printable template
Polar Express party invitation template

And stay tuned for LOTS more Polar Express ideas & printables!!  I am not sure of all our party details just yet but I did order this hat on Amazon for our “conductor” to wear, it came and is PERFECT!  I was really surprised to find one for such a great price!

I’ve got my eye on this train whistle as well- gotta have the sound effects, right?!

As I make things for the party I will try to get them up on the blog, so follow along on pinterest or facebook if you want to stay up to date on my ideas/printables- thanks! What are you doing to get in the Christmas mood this year?

UPDATE:  Polar Express party favors free printables here, Polar Express free printable tickets here, Polar Express quote subway art here, Full party post here.


41 thoughts on “Polar Express Party Invitation

    1. Thank you for all the great info! Our ward is doing a polar express party on the exact same day. Your website has been so helpful!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! These invites are absolutely adorable and I’m so grateful talented folks like yourself are willing to share!

  2. This is so awesome! How much would you charge to update it for me with details for our company party? I don’t have all these fancy fonts or the graphic design you clearly have nailed. Email me if you are willing to make a few updates for me. I want it to look like your ward invite, but with out details 🙂


  3. I am having a hard time downloading the invitations. They are downloading in a jpeg and won’t let me view because I don’t have permission. Do you have any advice? They are perfect for what I am doing!!

    1. Hm, it says you don’t have permission to view it? That’s a new one I haven’t heard before from my readers! You are downloading it with the button below the photo of the invitation right? Then it should download as jpeg and you can save it to your computer and then open it in a photo editing software. What program is set up as your default photo viewing platform on your computer Kyla?

  4. Thank you so much for all of the cute printable’s, our party is a polar express theme as well and I am so glad I came across your website. I know that your party is this weekend and you are probably extremely busy getting everything ready….I can’t get my old computer to download a new program (where I can edit it) Is there any way you could edit one and send it to me.

    Left side of the invite all that needs changed is:

    On the right side of the invite:
    Departure: Saturday December 19th
    Boarding: 6:30
    Station: 28750 Hospital Dr
    Attire: Please have your kids wear their favorite PJ’s


    Thank you again for sharing your talents with us:)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So perfect for my little guy’s birthday!!! Wish you had done this last year. We were in charge of the ward Christmas party and did Polar Express. Would have loved to use your subway art! You have great stuff.

  6. I got the invite to download, got it all edited and then saved in picmonkey, saying it saves as a JPEG but when I click on the icon it made it asks what to open it in. I pick windows photo viewer and it looks perfect. But when I go to upload to walgreens, walmart, etc. It won’t upload it.

    Any ideas? Our Polar Express party is the 12th and I just love these!

  7. Thanks for the template, it took me a min to edit it. But when I figured it out, it was easy as pie from there. Used this to throw my students a Christmas Party, and them and their parents were impressed with the invitation. So thanks again.

    1. I’m so glad to hear it! What method did you use to edit the template? I am always trying to help my readers find easy ways to do it, not knowing what programs they have access to or not 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  8. This is so cute! I was wondering what the font is for the left side words: Departure, boarding… We are not dressing up in PJ’s so I am hoping to change the word Attire to something else, but would still like it to match. Do you know what that font is?

    Thanks so much!

  9. Hi Alia

    I’m having problems with printing. I was unable to print it on cardstock at FedEx Office and am encountering problem with pixel size and getting warnings at Walgreens that it will be blurry. Do you have any suggestions on this??


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