Polar Express Train Tickets Free Printable

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Back with segment 3 of our Polar Express Ward (church) Christmas party (invitations here, bell tags here).  This time I have free printable train tickets, which I made to coordinate with the invites & bell tags (both free printables!!).  We are going to have a ticket booth set up where each family can “purchase” their train ticket as they walk into the lobby.  The lobby is going to act as our train station.  Then they will line up to board the “train” (i.e. our hallway).  As they board the train the conductor will punch their tickets:polar express free printable train tickets

If you notice there is a place for them to punch the month & the day.  Of course they will probably just punch twice in the general vicinity, but it makes it look more like a real ticket!  You can use a regular hole punch, or I thought these would be super cute to use as well.  These are meant to be printed on 8.5X11 cardstock and cut to size.  I made a second version for those of you using these NOT in 2015 😉

polar express free printable train tickets no year
Free Printable polar express tickets

Download your free printable Polar Express tickets by clicking on the image above.


You can get the tickets that say 2022 on them with the button below for just .99 cents and I so appreciate that small contribution!:

Polar Express Tickets 2023
Polar Express Tickets 2023
Polar Express Ticket Printable

Hope these help you make your Polar Express experience more authentic!  Stay tuned for more to come…

See the full Polar Express party post here.


20 thoughts on “Polar Express Train Tickets Free Printable

  1. These are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! I just printed for my family to use for Polar Express night! Thank you!!

      1. I can’t wait until you update. I make homemade gift baskets for a group of ladies I play card with and already have a believe tag to attach to a jingle bell. This will be a great addition. They get a kick out of homemade ornaments because they don’t get as many with their kids grown. My 14 yr old daughter, 14 yr old nice, and 5 yr old daughter love helping me make stuff and they get to see the joy on their faces. this year our tree will be nothing but homemade ornaments except our angel that sits on top of our tree honoring my late sister.

          1. Any idea when you are going to do these? I know I am a pain I am just already working on projects. This one is way torwards the bottom of my list though so no rush. The project I need is simple assemble while the other ornaments have to be painted.

  2. Love, love, love this! Did you do a ticket that shows a “punched” word, like believe?
    I am doing an after Christmas party with these. Thanks so much?

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