Preschool Christmas Party

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mistletoes christmas craft free printable, great for newborns and toddlers!

Today we had my 3 year-old’s preschool party at our home.  Secret Santa with 3-year-olds is stinkin’ hilarious. Here’s a quick run-down of what we did (and a free printable too!). By the way, I should mention I got all the supplies for this party at the dollar store. I also planned the whole thing during the 10 minutes I was at the dollar store. Thank heavens for the dollar store (and no, this is not even sponsored!)

  1. Decorate Elf Hats: I picked up these cute elf hats at the dollar store along with glitter glue. The bummer is that toddlers want to do huge glops and then it never dries. Encourage them to spread out their glops with their fingers if that happens.easy christmas party ideas and tips, use candy canes as place holderspreschool christmas party ideas and free printables, dollar store christmas crafts for toddlers
  2. Pin the Nose on Santa: I found this giant gift bag at the dollar store too!  I couldn’t believe it! I thought it made a great poster and we used gift bows as noses, you know, because they already have sticky on them!pin the nose on santa toddler christmas party game, just use a giant gift bag and gift bows!
  3. Mistletoes Keepsake: Putting paint on toddlers feet could get hairy, so I was a little unsure how it would go down. But it ended up being fine, I had a bucket of water and towels for them to wash their feet in right away. We did have one who didn’t want to get their feet painted, but most kids loved it! Make sure you use washable paint like this stuff. Then after their footprints dried we cut them out and put them in dollar store frames. Ta-da! Keepsake complete. Make sure you print these out on cardstock! Regular printer paper will not hold up on this one. And make sure you do BOTH feet. I got lazy and did just one foot twice, don’t ask me why because I took the time to do two feet with every other kid, but not my own! It definitely looks better with both feet 🙂 preschool christmas craft free printable
  4. Pro tip: Cover your table with craft paper like this. Easy-Peasy clean up. And you won’t cringe every time a toddler misses with the glitter glue. preschool christmas party ideas, tips and free printables. Cover the table with craft paper to protect it

After we were done with our games and crafts we had lunch, a secret santa gift exchange, and decorated ginger bread men! It was a blast. Even though we all had younger babies in tow that we were wrangling through it all.

preschool christmas party ideas and free printable!

As promised, here is your free printable, it is sized so that if you cut out the green border (so that the green border is still there after cutting) it should fit nicely into an 8X10 frame.

mistletoes christmas craft free printable 8X10, perfect for newborns and preschoolers!

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toddler christmas mistletoes craft free printable, great for newborns and toddlers! Tons of preschool christmas party ideas and tips

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