Preschool Halloween Party Ideas

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I’ve got some fun ideas for you to celebrate Halloween with little ones. We’ve got food, decoration and game ideas that would be great for a preschool party or a Kindergarten class party!

halloween party table setting ideasWe partied like preschoolers this morning for our Halloween bash.  Which means I’m eligible for a nap, right?  Hah, I’ll sleep tight tonight knowing I got all my Preschool Halloween ideas and printables out to all of you PRONTO. Seeing as the spooky day is less than 2 weeks away!

Preschool and Kindergarten Halloween Party ideas and free printables
Preschool and Kindergarten Halloween party ideas!

I was honored to collaborate with Party Paper by Jessica for this party, and she sent the most adorable spider-themed party decorations. I was excited to incorporate them into the party!

preschool halloween party ideas
Check out these super fun and easy Halloween party ideas!

Preschool Halloween Party Decorations

It was so fun to style the table with all the cute spider things from Jessica! She sent spider name tags (which I attached to each child’s cauldron), paper straws, cupcake toppers, confetti, centerpieces and an adorable banner. spider cupcake toppers

Halloween cupcakes with spider toppers
Spider cupcake toppers

My favorite were the cupcake toppers because the spiders had bows in their hair!! You know the best thing about cupcake toppers? You can buy super lame cupcakes from FoodMaxx super last minute (because the friend that was going to make amazing cupcakes had a family emergency), stick them on top, and voila! Suddenly it looks pretty dang awesome. 

I loved the confetti she sent too! It was actually the first time I’ve ever used confetti at a party! (shhhh… don’t tell the other party bloggers…)halloween party centerpieces

And how cute are these centerpieces?? I stuck them in a milk bottle and then poured in the candy corn (don’t try to reverse those steps ;)) I didn’t know spiders could be cute. I mean I am the girl who calls her mother in law to drive over and kill a spider for her because her husband is gone and its …really…big…ghost milk halloween drink idea

And if you are looking for a way to spookify your calcium- cut some circles out of construction paper and tape it on the glass (seriously, who is gonna get me a cricut for christmas??).

Preschool Halloween Party Activities

We kept things pretty low key but I did have two activities planned

  1. Decorate your Cauldron. I found these pretty neat cauldrons at walmart for 75 cents each, got some glitter pens and spooky stickers and let the kids go to town. We ended up with some really be-dazzled cauldrons! 
  2. Bingo Boo (my 7 year old son came up with the name for this so I really must give him credit for the alliteration). I was pretty excited when I dreamt this idea up in the shower.  It’s just like traditional Bingo, but with a Halloween theme, except to mark that you have a square you TRACE the letter! And I put the bingo boards in page protectors and let them use dry erase markers so we could play again and again! It worked out perfectly. I really was patting myself on the back for this one. Learning AND playing- those are the best kind of games! Halloween bingo alphabet cards, perfect for preschool and kindergarten

Of course I had a little bucket of dollar store prizes for the winners. We played enough rounds until everyone had won (with a little manipulation on my part). If you don’t want to be tracing the letters you could just play regular Bingo style and use candy corn as markers. Preschool Halloween Bingo

I made the kids recite to me which letters they had when they got BINGO.

Bingo Boo
Bingo Boo
Bingo Boo printable Halloween game great for kids learning their letters. Includes 5 PDF bingo cards.

How to Play Preschool Halloween Bingo

  • Download the bingo boards- just .99 cents!
  • I made 5 different bingo boards. And to get the bingo cards that you will need to draw when you are running the game you just need to cut out board 1 and the first 3 rows of board 2.
  • Print the number of boards you will need so that every child can have one.
  • Put the bingo boards in sheet protectors
  • Print out an extra copy of boards 1 and 2 and cut the squares out
  • Give the kids dry erase markers (these are the ones we used, built in eraser!) and use the squares you cut out to call a letter “M is for Monster”. If the child has that they trace the M. Four in a row is a winner!
Fun Free Halloween printable party game

So if you’re ready to order your adorable spider pack for your Halloween bash head over to Party Paper by Jessica, and if you are ready to download your free Alphabet Bingo Sheets you can do that with the button below!


If you’re looking for more Halloween ideas check out my Last Minute Halloween Ideas post!

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